Quit if work isn’t enjoyable!

Yesterday I did something I would never do if it was 5 years ago. I told my client I withdraw my service to him and from the assignment. I had enough of his unreasonableness as well as trying to make me looked incompetent. The monetary gain isn’t worth such an insult and assault to my intelligence, self respect and self worth. My life is too precious to be wasting my time and energy dealing with people who don’t know how to be reasonable and respectful. He thinks he is right just because he is the client. I tolerated him for 5 months and I had enough of it. Done and over with!

I copied my Country Head in the email and also sent her messages to tell her to withdraw me from the assignment and I don’t care if she wants to deduct or not pay me the commission as I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m not a rookie and I always did and gave my very best, but when a client gets too unreasonable and humiliating, I won’t put up with it anymore. I’m at a stage in my life where I work for fun and not to stress myself out over a deal. It ain’t worth it. Life isn’t just about money and deals. Beside, I don’t like to keep pretending that I’m happy to provide my services to the client when I’m not. I don’t want to force myself to do something I don’t enjoy doing. Period.

Am I worried of getting into trouble with my Country Head?? NO I don’t. I’m prepared to resign from this corporate company as I don’t see myself fitting in at all! As I get older, I’m getting more selective on the type of clients I want to provide my services too. I want to have the choice to choose who I want to work with and I want to be happy working. That’s my bottomline!!

Anyway, I off my company’s phone and shut down my laptop. I’m very sure there are many messages and emails from this client and my Country Head. I don’t care. I have decided not to deal with it until I feel like I want to deal with it which is most likely tomorrow afternoon as I have meeting in the morning. I already told my Country Head from Day 1 before she hired me that money isn’t my priority. I must enjoy my work and also able to learn new skills. But my present company is unable to provide to me those 2 things so I don’t see a future in this company.

Oh well……is time to take another short sabbatical so that I can search for new challenges and opportunities that will invigorates and motivates me to reach for my giant goal! Wish me luck…..😀😀


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