Ok, on 19th July I wrote that I received a lot of audiences from Singapore who checked out my blog thru iPhone in a very short time span. It is happening again! Just over the weekend, there were 253 page views from Singapore and all using iPhone. But the most spooky part was at any 1 time, the page views could went up to 60. It usually happened during the weekend and weekdays were quiet. Really spooky because I’m feeling like my blog is being monitored. Maybe I overthink. But there is a pattern here and I just couldn’t help wondering whether was it 1 person action or a group of people. Every time I wrote about this, it would stopped for a few days without any audiences from Singapore and then it would picked up momentum aggressively. Even in the middle of the night such as 4am!!

Oh ya, it also happened to my the other blog on WordPress. On the same day, I saw audiences from Singapore appeared on my blog in WordPress. But the number wasn’t as crazy as my post on the Blogger site. I don’t think it is a coincident. I think someone is definitely checking out my blogs for a specific reason.

Anyway, my blog is open to anyone so not worry at all. Just very very curious why such an unusual pattern. What’s the motive behind the action? And most of the time the page views were on posts related to Peter Wittendorp!! Is like someone just interested in posts written about him. Why?

Definitely a mystery and I will never know the answer. Haha

Ok night everyone!


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