Mood Swings

I’m experiencing a very bad mood swing now and all I want to do is to be by myself so that I can take care of my own thoughts and emotions. I can feel the darkness lurking on the surface now and I’m doing everything in my power to control it. I don’t know what causes it as it started since yesterday evening. I did summer cleaning of my contact lists on my phone and deleted a fair bit of number for people that I don’t keep in touch anymore. And this afternoon I deleted my chat history with Xavier as I feel that I can’t trust him hence not sure if I still want to keep him as a friend. I’m deeply affected by my last experienced with Peter Wittendorp. Now I feel scare to open up myself to anyone, especially men as I worry I will be hurt. Even though they give me no reason to doubt them, I still do. If their actions don’t match their words, I will not hesitate to delete them from my life.

And I will only match their effort. I won’t go out of my limbs to reach out to them like I used to do so. If someone wants to be in my life, they will put in effort and time to show me. The excuses of being not free and etc are just a more polite way to tell me I’m not interested to keep the friendship alive or in me. Which is fine with me as long as they tell me and not waste my time. If they choose not to tell me, then I will take matters into my own hand and do what I think is best for me. I don’t care about other people feelings when they don’t care about mine.

Lack of effort is equivalent to lack of interest so why should I keep putting in effort and time when the other party isn’t doing so. I’m becoming very selfish nowadays after my last shitty experienced with Peter Wittendorp. He scars me and I don’t know when I will be able to recover and not feel scare at opening my heart again. At this moment I really feel like releasing another set of correspondences between me and Peter, but I’m controlling my urge by thinking positive thoughts. A few of my cores component have changed because of what Peter Wittendorp’s did to me.

When I thought I’m moving on, I would be hit by a bout of intense mood swings that were caused by the fear of being hurt again. The inability to trust without a doubt just makes me feel sad and unhappy. I know I shouldn’t let 1 bad experienced with 1 person to affect me so much, but it did! I’m scare of getting attached and sharing my feelings openly. The moment I see their words and actions don’t match up, I cut them loose even if it is just something small they didn’t do as they said they would. I just don’t want to subject myself to the same experienced again.

I wish I’m a bitch because then I will go all out to seek my revenge on the man who hurt me so badly and deeply. And left a permanent scar on my heart. I’m determine to regain back my old self, but it is definitely taking much longer than I thought. Anyway, what I can do now is just to stay away from people, especially Xavier when I’m in this state of bad mood swing. I’m not sure if I will still reach out to him after I feel better. I really don’t know what I will do yet. All I care about now is getting myself into a zen state of mind so that I can keep the darkness at bay and not envelope me.

I’m going to do some yoga now to relax and clear my mind……



I’m very forgetful lately. It has turned from bad to worst. For instance, I had created a Peter Wittendorp board on Pinterest, but just 2 days ago when I tried to save more new pins to this board, I couldn’t find it. Totally gone without a trace. I was surprised when I couldn’t find the board. A few thoughts crossed my mind about what could had happened to the missing board. 1 of the thought was Peter Wittendorp hired a white hacker to hack into my account to delete it. But then when I think deeper, I don’t think he will go to such an extent as this board was created 1 year ago. If he wanted to hack into my Pinterest’s account he could had done it earlier.

My the other thought seemed more plausible, but yet I have no recollection of doing it – I deleted the board myself. Frankly, I don’t remember if I did it or not even this moment, I still couldn’t remember. I’m guessing I did because there isn’t any more sensible reason to explain why the board was missing without a trace. Until now I’m still trying to think back if I did, but nothing comes to mind. Anyway, the board is deleted from my Pinterest and I don’t plan to create a new board again because it is time to move on. I haven’t use Pinterest for at least 2 months hence I didn’t realise the board was gone until 2 days ago. Is a good sign because I used the board to vent all my feelings when I created it 1 year ago. Now I don’t need to do it anymore.  I just wish I could remember I had deleted the board so that I won’t feel so forgetful.

I’m not only forgetful about things I did, but also what I had said or people I had met before. My memories really not as tip top as before. Maybe I think too much and hence only remember important things. Haha.

Oh well, it isn’t a bad thing to be forgetful as it will allows me to forget bad memories and also shitty people who hurt me. So don’t mind being forgetful occasionally. Hahaha

Peter Wittendorp Smses to me…..

These SMSes were referring to the conversation we had when Peter Wittendorp told me he had agreed to let ‘her’ check his phone and computer anytime she wanted to do so. I remember clearly as I was driving and when I heard what he told me I was very upset and angry and I cut off our conversation. Subsequently, he tried to call back several times, but I never answered as I was trying to control my tears and was super angry.

He also told me that he told her that he had to inform me of his decision too as he felt I needed to know. Honestly I was confused why I needed to know. I asked him did he want me to stop texting him, if so, just tell me there and then. I further ask him did he want our friendship to end? He said no. But I told him, she would eventually requests that he gave up our friendship as the next step. Might as well end it now (n that was when I put down the phone, he called back several times and subsequent messages as follows)


By the time I calmed down enough and called him back, it was around late afternoon as I was leaving office. He told me he just called to tell her (his wife) that his phone was his privacy and he wouldn’t let her check and read the messages. At least that was what he told me over the phone. Of course, I was happy when I heard that but I was also confused why he was willing to do that for me.

Sometimes his actions confused me. Anyway, it was the past. I’m writing it down now because I’m experiencing a flashed back and only by writing it down I can expunge any feelings arising from this flashed back.

I swear that was the conversation we had. I will only write facts and the truth even if the truth hurts me. Only the truth will set me free. What people think of me after reading about my experienced with Peter Wittendorp I don’t care. If I care, I wouldn’t had posted so much. I didn’t do it to revenge. I did it because I want to stop feeling victimised.

No one will understand how I felt for the past 1 year when I was struggling to regain my core self. Anyway, there will be more posts to come.

My Current State of Mind & Feeling

I was swarmed with work and re-building my life after the crushing heartbreak. Finally, I’m happy to share that I’m doing well in both departments 😁😁! Business opportunities are growing at a steady pace although all the big deals I’m working on currently are still work in progress, but at least I have a chance to close those deals. In fact, I have a pretty good and positive feeling that I might be able to pull off a few big deals in the next 6 months. I’m feeling euphoric that my hard work is slowly paying off. I have created a blue ocean for myself and company. Nothing beats the intense feeling of satisfaction that I get every time I looked back at how far I had come. It isn’t pay day yet, but the signs are very positive that I will hit jackpot in the next 6 months to 1 year. I just need to stay focus, motivated and continue to think creatively to develop more new clients and learn new things.

Not only I can feel the changes in me, I can see it clearly as well. Are they good changes or bad? Hmmmm……I guess it depends on each individual acceptance level. Personally, I think those changes were good for me as it were part of my growing up process. But to some people who have known me previously before the changes took place, they might not like the new me.

In the past, I always checked up on my friends and made sure they were well and fine. But now, I don’t do much of it. Mainly is because I don’t want to absorb any unnecessary negative energy. I usually shy away when I sense any negative vibes heading towards me. Last time, I absorbed a lot and even did my best to cheer my friends up by sharing my positive energy/vibes with them, which not only drained me but also made me worried about them. I realised now that I don’t want to be their sounding board anymore   as we are all adults hence we should deal with the drama in our life ourselves. I was always very giving until I my caring and giving nature were fully taken advantage of by underserving people, such as Peter Wittendorp and my crazy mum. Both of them used and took advantage of my compassionate nature repetitively and stabbed my in my heart. Seriously, they were a few parallels from both of them on how they used and treated me. Thank god I cut both of them out of my life for good. They couldn’t hurt me anymore!

I’m not sure I will be able to fully forgive them for what they did, said and treated me. I don’t break down and cry anymore as I had accepted the facts, but occasionally I felt a tinge of sadness when I recounted the stories to friends. Once a blue moon thing though. Recently I was shown a pic of my crazy mum and I didn’t even want to look at her face. And I’m definitely not interested to know about her current life!! I don’t want dramas and disturbance to be heaped on me again!

I had also looked at the pictures of  Peter Wittendorp just recently and what I saw was a stranger. The face that I used to love, the laughter that made me giddy and happy, the man that I thought was a good man and Mr Right for me was dead on April 18, 2016 when he did the unspeakable to me! I didn’t know then, but it was the night that he robbed my happiness, compassion and ability to trust people from me. It took me 1 year to recover, but I will never be able to trust people like I used to anymore. I used to take people words as trustworthy, but not anymore. Words need to be backed up by consistent  actions before I will accord my trust to them.

So now the man in the picture is a pathological liar, a hypocrite, a fakey and an asshole. I feel like a fool for falling for Peter Wittendorp, sucking in all his words and putting up with his shitty treatments and the emotional turmoil he put me through! Seriously, it was really ironic for a pathological liar (2 years) like him to throw accusation at me! What a fucking joke! To be honest, I don’t think I will ever be able to stop cursing him for what he did to me. I don’t know why, but every time when I wrote his name I feel the urge to cuss him and I will become 😤😤! I think I better stop or else I will make myself upset over an asshole!!

Anyway, overall I’m in a good place emotionally, mentally and physically. The upset feeling I had passed by quickly so it doesn’t affect me. Now my full attention are given to my business and getting my financial back in order so that my lifestyle will not be greatly affected by a temporary setback. That sums up my current state of mind and feeling.

Till the next post peeps!




Escaping Peter Wittendorp’s Ghost

Almost 3 weeks since my last post and a lot had happened during this period. Crazy, exciting, promising, tiring and colourful. But nothing beats the fact and feeling that finally I free myself from the minuscule remote feeling and wish I used to have for Peter Wittendorp. The day when I openly and publicly shared all the SMSes between us, it was the day I was reborn. I should had done it earlier. For the first time I felt free because I didn’t have anymore skeletons in my closet. I felt darn good to be honest.

It was the final nail I needed to nail into the coffin and move on. This time was for real. I deleted all the SMSes from my phone after I posted everything up online. I’m the type of person that if I still keep something in my phone, be it a phone number or photos or SMSes or messages (family and friends only), then I still want or hope or wish the person to be in my life. But the moment I deleted everything in my phone that will reminds me of that person, it means the person existence is being permanently removed from my life.

Come to think of it, I have to admit it took me exactly 1 year to cleanly and clearly moved on and recovered from the heartbreak caused by Peter Wittendorp. He is truly a piece of work. He almost destroyed me emotionally and mentally, but luckily I managed to pull myself up from the black hole and dungeon he pushed me into. Anyway, the past is the past.

What doesn’t kills me makes me stronger. That’s all I have to say.

Photos of Peter Wittendorp

Finally I’m putting a face to his name after writing about our story for 1 year. Some people or maybe most people will think I’m revenging against him as I’m sharing with the whole world our messages exchanged and now his face! So am I? NO I’m not taking  revenge. If I want to revenge I would done it 1 year ago and not waited until now.

I’m doing this as a closure for myself. I have always write about all aspects of my life publicly and I had started writing about Peter Wittendorp as far back as 10 years ago when we first met. Back then it was a different blog address. I stopped for 2 years because he asked me not to share and write about us on my blog. At that time I listened to him because I didn’t want to upset him and respect our relationship. And I believed him when he said that our memories should be just for the 2 of us to cherish. I never thought he was scared of being found out that we had an affair. Yes we had an affair for 2 years even though we weren’t having sex regularly! We messaged daily and talked almost everyday too!

Anyway, long story short I have decided to do what I have always been doing for the past 10 years when I started blogging…..that is to write down my life story, both good and bad.   He taught me a valuable lesson that changed certain aspects of me hence I needed to record it down to remind me not to repeat the same mistake again with a man. A small part of me is forever scared by his accusation and lying. He played with my heart and feelings. He doesn’t deserves me protecting his image anymore. My trigger point was the accusation. I would admit if I had done it, but I didn’t. And to accuse me of that I just can’t accept it even until now. All I ever want from him was a sincere apology and I would had been able to have closure and move on quickly. Anyway…..I don’t want to start ranting about him again. I just want to move on and forget him using my own way. And I don’t care about what he thinks and feels with my actions.

p.s. I had more photos of him if I didn’t delete it after we had our big fights the past few times. He had a selfie of himself that he took in his office for me, his hunting trip in 2015 and a few more that I couldn’t remember anymore.



Random cheeky and naughty SMSes with Peter

With my posting of all these past SMSes between me and him I just put the final nail to the coffin. With 1000% certainty Peter’s chapter in my life is sealed and closed in this lifetime and maybe next lifetime too. He should thank me for turning into the devil he accused me to be. I just made his accusation a reality. Now he can feel good about himself. Whatever!

I can explain why I’m doing this, but I’m not going to. I will only say is not revenge. What people want to think and say about my action, I really don’t give a damn! 2017 is a year full of changes for me. I will be even more adamant to do things that I want to do and not what people want me to do or what society dictates.