Dino, my good friend

Lately, I chatted more frequently with an old friend of mine whom I have known for 15 years. I nicknamed him Dino and had also wrote about him in the past in a few of my posts. I never thought that we are still friends after all these years, especially after what happened during our last met up in SG about 10 years or so ago (SG is a curse for me. PERIOD). We actually lost touched for a few years until Dino reached out to me again. I was surprised that he still has my mobile number after all these years. I have been using the same number for over 15 years. But that doesn’t mean everyone will keep my number. Anyway I’m glad and happy he did.

Since then we stayed in touch, but not as frequently as the past 1 year. He was my 1st crush in my mid 20s. Yup! When I was still young and innocent. Haha. Oops, he will probably says he won’t use innocent to describe me (many friends had told me that. haha). I was inexperienced back then as I just joined the real estate industry and hadn’t achieved anything big yet although I was doing decently well financially. ย And I was also a rising star in the old company. I never thought Dino would be attracted to me, let alone flirted with me during our few days conference. He lives in HCMC and still is. But we haven’t seen each other since the incident in SG that happened at least a decade ago.

I invited him to come to KL to visit me numerous time, but he never did although he said he would. So I just leave it. If he ever makes it to KL, that will be great. If he doesn’t, is ok too. So what were chatting about? Some unimportant stuffs. I told him I was feeling tired and needed a massage badly. And as usual, when I chatted with people who are on the same wavelength as me, conversation just flow easily and filled with jokes and laughters. I don’t ask a lot from my friends or even the man I like, I just want to experience a connection with them. But I realise it is getting harder to come by nowadays.

I’m a certified sapiosexual (another post for this topic ๐Ÿ˜œ). I asked Dino if he heard of this word before and he said no and asked me what it means? I explained to him and I have yet to hear back from him. Which is usual as sometimes we ended our chats without a goodbye. Haha. When I was super busy, I didn’t even bother to reply him at all and vice versa. I’m cool with it as we are just good friends and nothing more. Therefore no expectations at all. Both of us are grateful and glad that we are still good friends after all these years. He hurt me too, but he apologised in person and explained to me why he did what he did and I forgave him after his honest confession. It happened a long time ago and although I can still remember the details, but I will not bring up the incident anymore as it was the past.

All I want to say is that I’m happy to have Dino as a friend and after all these years are friendship is still alive and active. I enjoy his friendship and hope it will last till our death. Haha. I will tell him this tomorrow and see what he has to say. Is always nice to have someone who can read my mind and also flirt tastefully. Haha.

Till the next update…..




Dino – Day 2

9.9.16 – Another 2.5 hours of chatting with Dino. Again totally unexpected. By far, 1 of the best chats we had because it was very open, carefree and blunt. Haha. I told him about my tandem skydiving and my plan to do bungy jump in Macau from a building at Level 61. He said I was brave for my skydiving and crazy about my plan to bungy jump!! Haha. I told him I’m an adrenalin junkie. I love ย challenges and and enjoy challenging myself mentally. This is the way for me to grow and improve myself. I told him my life isn’t perfect but is colourful and I love my life. He said a very good mindset to have and he has the same belief as me. He didn’t give me any reason not to trust what he told me, but after my last experienced with Peter I’m unable to trust men words entirely. Hence, I’m not taking everything Dino said and told me seriously. Just face value. I told him I have no regrets and not ashamed of my past. And is an honest truth. Peter was a bad experienced, but no regret and not ashamed of loving him and wanting him for 2 years. It was my choice and therefore I have to deal and accept the consequences. Dino said I was lucky to have choices. I answered him that everyone has choices, is just that I’m braver to carry out my choices ๐Ÿ˜Ž! Dino replied, “very true – that’s why you are so special”.

So what else did we chatted about?? Hahaha…..our sexcapade!! Yup you read correctly ๐Ÿ˜‚! I told him about my ex lover who was my best lover to date. I haven’t met anyone who was a better lover than him in the bedroom. My best sex teacher by far. And it isn’t Peter. So Dino asked me to tell him some of my favourites and I did. He also told me 1 of his most favourite too. Hahaha. We never talked about this sex topic in the past even though we have known each other for 15 years. But somehow this topic was brought up during our chat.

Do I find it weird to chat about sex with Dino since he was my ex too? Hmmmm………it would be if I was still young and inexperienced, but now no. Especially when I know it is harmless chatting with a good friend who happened to be an ex lover. I find it liberating to be able to talk to Dino so openly about our sex experienced. After all, we aren’t celibate so for sure we will have some interesting and colourful sex stories to share. Hahahaha. I’m not ashamed to share. Sex is part of my life and I don’t sleep around. I ended one lovership before I start another one. I don’t cheat and lie!

I told Dino a few of my guy friends said to me not many men can handle me. I told him my replied to them was, if I want to be handled I would have come with a remote control and an instruction book. He said that was funny ๐Ÿ˜‚! And he also said that men can forget about trying to turn me into a submissive woman!! They can try, but good luck to them!! LOL.

That showed he knows me well too. I’m always consistently being myself. The core me doesn’t change, but I have become a better version of myself in areas that need improving and fine tuning. Anyway, I’m work in progress. And I’m trying to live my life the way I want! Say the things I want. Do the things I like and want!!

Yesterday I experienced a side of Dino that I never experienced before – his wicked sense of humour and wittiness!! I feel that he is less uptight now. He is still cool and calm most of the time, but he can be funny and witty too.

Anyway, I hope to see him in KL soon. I’m curious to see how he looks like now. If he has aged well or not at all? How would I feel if I see him again after so long??

My friendship with him will last forever because I know I will never fall in love with him. Not back then, definitely not now. Like him yes. But only as good friend. My feeling for Dino is very different from Peter since Day 1. Peter was the 1st man I truly fell in love with and loved wholeheartedly. Therefore my hurt was deep and painful! Anyway, is over and I don’t want to revisit this topic again if I can help it.

Coming back to Dino…..is always nice and a blessing to have friends who accept me for me! For that I’m grateful. Ok time to zzzz…..

Updated 10.9.16ย – Dino said I will always be ‘Tommy’ to him!



Out of the blue Dino texted me. The last we chatted was almost 1 year ago. But then again we don’t chat on a regular basis. So he only crossed my mind once a blue moon too. Today was really a surprised because most of the time I reached out to say hi 1st. This evening it was him. He told me he went to tailored a jacket at a place called Dino in BKK recently and it reminded him of me. Because Dino is his nickname I gave him 15 years ago. Yup, we have known each other for that long. He is 50 years old this year. And his birthday is in August too.

I first met him in my ex ex-company during a regional meeting BKK. When I first saw him, I kept my distance away from him as he appeared very cool and back then I was a newbie hence I wasn’t as worldly as I’m now. So I didn’t talk to him much. I only got to know him better the following year when he attended the regional meeting in KL and I was tasked to organise and plan the event beside being an attendee. It was a 2.5 days event. We sat across from each other and on the 2nd day, we grew bored listening to those presenters and I almost fell asleep. Again out of the blue he texted me and we started texting back and forth. It made the afternoon more bearable and the hours passed by more quickly.

Long story short, since that day we became good friends. Of course, there was a short period we were lover too. But he lives in HCMC hence in the end we just stick to being friends. Dino is British but have been living in HCMC for over 20 years. He is soft spoken, tall and smart. Yup, all my ex except my 1st bf of 5 years, were smart and successful. And all of them enjoyed teasing me!! Which I really don’t understand why at all!!! Hahahaha. Is ok, I don’t get upset or offended by their teasing ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

We texted each other for almost 1.5 hours!! Seriously crazy. He asked me if I still laugh the same way?? I told him that definitely will never change. I asked him why? He missed my laughter is it?? His replied, ” Just thinking about your laugh is making me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚”. He ย gave me a nickname 15 years ago too…..Tommy. He said I sounded like a tommy gun when I laugh. In fact, I was told countless time that I have an infectious and memorable laugh. In the past, my ex ex colleagues would also teased and mimicked my laugh and sent me into a laughing fit that just got everyone laughed until their belly ached! I missed those days with the guys. They were a group of smart, fun and nice people. Of course being the youngest member and also 1 of the 2 women in the whole group the attention was focused on me. Not to mention the fact that I’m happy go lucky and full of energy. When I was in my 20s’, I would went up to the table or bar top and danced! Hahaha. Yes I did that frequently back then. Thinking back, I couldn’t help but grinned at my silliness and craziness ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ป!!

Anyway, I told Paul aka Dino that it was amazing that after all these years and long silent (almost 1 year) we could picked up our chat without missing a beat!! He replied, “Yup. That’s what good friends do ๐Ÿ˜€.” And I agree with him 100%. Except for my 1st bf and Peter, I have managed to stay good friends with a few men who were my lovers in the past. We didn’t had any blood between us. Beside, they never accused me nor lied to me like Peter did!!

As I mentioned earlier, Dino enjoys teasing me and I told him that he will never stop teasing me for the rest of our life. Hahaha. He said I know him too well. I don’t really know him that well, at least not about his personal life as I don’t like to ask if he doesn’t tells. I just know to certain extent how he will behave with me. Anyway, if I want to know him well, I will just ask him. But currently I don’t feel a need to do so.Therefore I will leave it as it is.

It is always nice to hear from an old friend who could made me laughed and bantered with๐Ÿ˜€! He did said he will visit me if he has time. He had said that in the past and still no sign of him. Curious to see how he looks like now, is he ageing well or not at all. Time really flies. Couldn’t remember the last time he was in KL and we spent time together. Anyway, unless he shows up in KL, if not my curiosity will never be satisfied. Haha.

He had gave me some interesting memories too….both good and bad. Will write about it when I’m in the mood. That’s all for now ๐Ÿค“!