What I need to let go as a Leo in 2018??


What each signs need to let go??

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

You’ve spent 2017 sifting through a lot of your own baggage, Leo, but it’s time to finally walk away from the things that weigh you down. 2018 is a new year, and for you, that means a new beginning full of growth, adventures, and eventual happiness. And to welcome in this new period of your life, you have to let go of the things that hurt you and open yourself up to new opportunities. They say that with each new year, there’s a new you, but in 2018, that’s actually going to be true for you.


The above accurately described what I went through in 2017 and what I’m experiencing in 2018 to a “T”. When I first I read it, I was utterly surprised by its accuracy and I knew I have to share the article on my blog. Indeed 2017 was a year of self-reflection for me whereby I spent a lot of time to learn how to forgive myself, dissecting my thoughts and emotions before I finally learned to let go. I learned how to walk away from my past and start a new chapter. My past and unhappy experienced no longer chained me down when I decided to forgive myself for my own stupidity for trusting unwaveringly. I’m no longer being weighed down by my stubbornness to let go of my hope for HIM to reach out to me. Finally, I can say with 200% certainty I have got rid of his ghost that was living inside my mind for 18 months since the “episode” with him! Not only I sifted through my baggage, I got rid of the junks too. Haha.

And 2018 is going to be a year full of growth, adventures and happiness and it is absolutely true because these are precisely what I’m experiencing now. Presently, I’m working on a very interesting project where the Developer supported my concept and I have been appointed exclusive for both consultancy, sales and marketing. I’m learning so much from this project as I have the opportunity to be involved in the decision making from A-Z and I’m loving it although sometimes the Developer’s frustrated me with his indecisiveness as we were going back to square 1 after I thought we were making great progress and on the tail end of wrapping things up. Frustrating and mentally exhausting dealing with the Developer, but yet rewarding because the learning curves from this exclusive project is just tremendous!! Really tremendous. Is definitely an adventure. I’m not going to worry too much, but rather just go with the flows.

Anyway, do share with me if the prediction for your horoscope is accurate as mine. Even if it isn’t accurate, do share if you want. Enjoy the reading of your horoscope 😁😁!!



Unwanted attention!!

Recently, I received unwatered and unsolicited attention from a client. My business partner & I found an office for his company and we were invited to his company and office grand opening. I went with my colleagues and that was the 1st time I met the founder/owner of the company. In the past we dealt with his staffs hence we met him for the 1st time during the event. He came over to introduce himself and I recognised his name because his staffs mentioned it before so I know he is the owner/founder of the company.

I introduced myself and chatted with him for a few minutes, mainly about his new office space, did he likes it and etc. My colleagues were all there with me too. He offered his name card and I did the same too as a business courtesy. He excused himself as more guests arrived and we parted way. I thought that would be the last I heard from him until I received a thank you message from him at night. Although I found it weird and surprised that he would send a thank you message to me, I thought he was just being polite and professional. I replied and thanked him for the business opportunity and innocently told him to catch up for coffee when he comes to KL the next time. Again, to me is basic manner and courtesy which I never thought he would follow through.

In the following days, I received videos and gifs from him almost on a daily basis. And I began to feel weird but then again I let it slide and I didn’t bother to reply to him at all. In fact, I didn’t even watch those videos he sent to me at all. Not interested and couldn’t be bothered. Then about 1.5 weeks ago, he WhatsApp me to let me know he was coming to KL the following week (which was last week) and would like to catch up. I felt uneasy, but because I was the one who implanted the idea to him 1st, I felt I had to at least honour my word for 1 time so I agreed to meet him on last Thursday. I thought it was going to be afternoon coffee, but no, he suggested 8ish drinking session. Red flags!

I didn’t want to drink with him so late at night because I didn’t think it was appropriate so I told him I had an early important meeting (which was true) the next day hence it would be an early night and maximum 2 glasses of wine for me only. He was reluctant to agree and I told him if that was the case then we should postpone the meeting until his next trip. He said no and agreed to my terms.

By this stage, my 6th sense was in full force and a little voice inside me was telling me that his agenda was personally related and not professionally. I seriously wanted to cancel the meet up session, but I always honour my words so I told myself just get it over with. And thank god it lasted less than 2 hours because he had a conference call with his team so he had to return to his room to work. Phew!!

But I was already in a self-defence mode because on the way to the club floor in MO, while we were walking to the lift he mentioned he needed to go back to his suite for awhile to make a phone call. Red flags sign everywhere. I was thinking to tell him off or played it cool to see what he was up to. I figured I should be able to defend myself should he made unwanted moves at me. I was thinking to myself that he wouldn’t make any unwanted moves toward me because after all he is the founder/owner of a public listed company in US. So I went to his room and stayed looking out the window as I didn’t want to look at him and gave him any wrong signals. To be honest, I felt slightly worried that I needed to defend myself against him. Thank god he was prim and proper.

He made the call, but he said no one picked it up so we left the room to go to the Club Floor. Had 1 drink and then he called it a night before 8pm. I was so happy and relieved that it was over so early because I really don’t want to spend time with him unless he doesn’t has a hidden personal agenda. Actually it wasn’t hidden. He outright told me he wants to get to know me better via WhatsApp.

I didn’t reply to him except to say goodbye and a courteous thank you. Seriously and honestly, I really don’t want any attention from him. He is married and I don’t want to have anything to do with married men!! And even if he isn’t married or taken, he is still not my cup of tea because he is shorter than me and an Indian. I don’t mind being a friend with him as he is worldly and I might be able to learn a few things from him and that are the maximum extend I’m willing to go. Shit, I hate it when a client hit on me because then I need to juggle and manage the attention carefully. I don’t want to make him feel embarrass because I never know what other future business he might has for me,  but yet I don’t want to give him any wrong idea that I’m interested in him because I DON’T. Is a delicate balancing act and I hate to be put in such a precarious position!!

People always think I like and enjoy attention. I did when I was younger, but not anymore. Now I only want attention from men I like only and also they must be single!! No more married men for me! Therefore, I hate attention from married men and yet I always got it. I don’t understand why???

Anyway, I will tell him nicely that I don’t mind us being friend and nothing more. I don’t want to keep finding excuses to avoid him. So if he makes or says anything that hint on personal relationship, I will tell him off nicely and suggest we just stay friend. If he agrees that will be good. If he doesn’t, then I will not entertain him further. I’m an adult and I know how to defence myself and handle it properly. Is just that I really hate this type of unwanted and unsolicited attention! Like it or not it is already happening so I just need to focus on how to handle him only. Oh well, at least is good to know I’m still able to attracts attention from successful businessmen. Haha. Just kidding.

That’s all for this post. Will update soon.


Taking risks

Is already February!! Time flies……I have a big and interesting project I’m working on currently and I’m appointed as the consultant and exclusive marketing and sales agent. I’m excited as it is my idea and brainchild, but at the same time I’m a bit worry too as the concept is untested hence I don’t really know what will be the result. I can’t even predict my income at all as it is dependence on how successfully my colleagues and I can sell the property. I’m staking my 16 years reputation in the industry on this 1 particular project. Is kinda scary and surreal at the same time. Haha. The only word that crosses my mind to describe my decision is ‘CRAZY’!!! 😂😂😂

Why I’m prepared to take such a risk? It is because I believe in my concept and ideas. I would say it is daring and unconventional, but yet it is definitely interesting and attractive. In life, I always like to take risks and challenges to make my life experiences on this earth more colourful and fun. Life is full of opportunities and I just need to be daring enough to grab it when the opportunity presented itself. Which it does.

Failure isn’t an option for this project hence I have to go all out to make sure I can pull off the most daring concept and ideas successfully together with my colleagues. Hehe. I’m actually very excited about it although I have no clue how much money I’m going to make from this project. Haha. Normally I’m able to predict my financial reward, but for this project I really can’t. Hence I’m doing this purely for reputation and ego reasons. A lot of people is sceptical that we will be able to pull it off because there it is no track record of it. Hence I make a promise to myself that I will make sure I deliver the result and prove the skeptics wrong!! No backing down!!

My official consultancy appointment is going to start 1st of March and the duration is 3 months. My exclusive appointment for sales and marketing will runs for 2 years, but the official marketing and selling will only take place during Q4 2018/Q1 2019. Now is doing all the ground and prep works for the project.

I’m not greedy. I just wish to earn enough for me to retire by 2020. That’s all!! 😂😂😂




2nd week of Jan 2018…..

was a mixed week for me. First I got the bad news about a deal I was working on had to be terminated because the Developer decided not to acquire the land. Sigh. In a span of 4 months, I lost the same deal 2x working with 2 different Developer and the commission of RM8mil. Fuck fuck fuck!! Seriously not much luck working on this deal. I thought 2nd time lucky, but NOPE!

Was I upset and pissed off? To be honest, I wasn’t. I was calm and focus in finding alternative option. I know for a fact that getting upset wouldn’t help because there wasn’t much I could do to salvage the deal especially when the Developer decided not to buy the land. So no point to kick up a fuss and be angry over spilled milk. Hence I decided to look for other potential options and happy to share that there might be a possibility I will be able to put together the deal with another Developer. Very preliminary now, but at least there is a chance. In my line of work, plenty of unpredictability so just have to stay calm and focus to solve any issues arise.

On the other hand, I met a Tan Sri for another mega project I’m going to start working on soon once the exclusive appointment is signed. I passed his interviewed so I’m good to go with the project. In fact, Tan Sri even mentioned that he wants me and my company to work long-term with them. A good proposition, but I’m not very keen as I want to go back  for my MBA in 3 years time. When I told Tan Sri that, he mentioned he will arrange a Doctorate for me. I told him I don’t want an arranged Doctorate. I want to go back to school to study and learn. Feel honoured that Tan Sri offered to arrange a Doctorate for me, but I like to study for it myself.

Anyway, the project I’m working on is really interesting and the concept is my brainchild. It is a lifetime opportunity to be able to participate in this project as I can create my own legacy and build my reputation further. I was told by a business partner that my current reputation is really good and impressive. He said the mentor who recommended me to him told him that I’m the “secret weapon” to Developers who had worked with me and hence they are reluctant to share me. Hahahaha. I was really shocked and surprised by the latest comment I heard about myself because I never know that I’m highly regarded in the industry. Wow 🤩🤩🤩!

With the compliments from Tan Sri and this new business partner, it made my week better. After all, a solid reputation will always bring me more business opportunities. Just a matter of timing only. Anyway, I will always find ways to increase my opportunity and I’m sure I will reach my financial goal soon. Very soon. 😉😉

So overall, the week wasn’t too bad.


My recent post that I posted on LinkedIn on Tuesday has surpassed 10,000 post views for the 1st time. Crazy!! Never expected it. There were over 100 likes and 20+ congratulatory messages. And there were also a fair bit of new requests to connect. Some I accepted, some I declined if I don’t think there is a potential opportunity in the future.

LinkedIn is definitely a good business platform to connect and reach out to more professional people in a quicker manner. It is also effective because it saves time and money vs the traditional method of cold calling or door to door sales. For me, LinkedIn has opened a new door for me to generate new business opportunities and also expand my network. Most of the time the people I reached out to on LinkedIn were polite, professional and responsive, but there were also some who were just lack of professional courtesy to reply. Nevertheless, it is still a useful and good business platform.

Another feature on LinkedIn I like very much is the advertising platform. It is a good channel for business advertisement because the target audience is more quality compare to other social media platforms. Moving forward, LinkedIn will be the business platform I will use the most until another better business platform surface and able to challenge LinkedIn.



First day at work and moved in to a new office within a co-working space environment. Love my new office suite, but the quality and workmanship are slightly below standard. Their first center was impressive, but here it is very uniform looking. Same colour and just rows and rows of workstations. Nevertheless, still better than my old office as it is more spacious and I get my own workstation. Haha.

Nevertheless, I do feel good about the office so I will try to close one eye on those small defects. But there are definitely still has room for improvements.

So far the 1st day back to work had been good. Received a good news pertaining to my shops in Ipoh. Things are definitely moving in the right direction and a good one too. Tomorrow will have another meeting with a Developer who wants to engage me to be their consultant for an integrated development project. Hopefully all the terms can be worked and ironed out by tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m definitely looking to 2018. Wish everyone a great 2018!!






Yay is 2018!!

My 1st post in the new year!! Haha….let me share something funny. I was in the shower when it was the time to countdown. It wasn’t intentional, but it was a great coincidence because I washed away the dirt and negativity form 2017 and welcoming 2018 with tons of positive energy and freshness. Hehe. Unplanned, but it was a good way to say goodbye to 2017 and hello 2018.

I was in the shower when I heard the fireworks hence I knew it was midnight. I’m not pretending that I’m feeling positive, but I’m actually feeling very positive. I have a good vibes about my journey in 2018 and I have a strong feeling that things will workout well for me. Hehe.

And today is the beginning of my 3 years target to earn as much money as possible so that I can do an early retirement by 2021 and indulge in my personal goals and dreams. I have to work very hard, be more aggressive and proactive in chasing deals and making sure I need to close more BIG DEALS!!!

I know I can do it!!! YESSSSSSSS!!