Disappointed with 1 of my best friend

Out of the blue I got a WhatsApp chat from my best friend, AnnTea, asking me how am I getting on? I thought for a minute she was really interested to know about the latest update about my life as we haven’t seen nor speak to each other for a few months now. I have stopped making effort to meet up with her for lunch or dinner because she can never finds time for me everytime I asked her to catch up. So after awhile I just gave up as I don’t like to keep asking because it makes me feel like I’m forcing her to see me. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have stopped chasing people. I’m here and I will always make time for people I value in my life if they reciprocate the same. If they don’t, I won’t force them too.

Anyway, after giving her a brief update about my life, she replied with a surprised news. She told me she got breasts implant!!!!!!!!! And wanted to know the website where I bought my bikinis (I usually bought from brazilian bikini website). When I heard the news about her implant, I felt disappointed with her. She has a nice pair of sizeable boobs (she is 51 this year), although a bit sagging (according to her), I still didn’t think she needs to get an implant. My gut feeling is she got the implant to please and keep her cheating husband as they are back together after he filed for divorce (my gf said they never remarried) although she said the reason was she wanted fuller breasts!!

She is a very successful and capable woman, but she is also insecure and craves attention when it comes to personal relationship. She admitted it to me herself. The fact that she kicked her cheating and abusive (he hit her a few times) husband back into her life for 6-7 times just showed how much craps she is willing to put up with! She claimed that she forgave him because she wants the kids to grow up in an intact family, but yet her kids witnessed how their dad treated her including both verbal and physical abuses.

People think growing up in a single parent family is bad for the kids growing up. I disagree. I grew up in a broken family and yet I have a good life by my own standard. I’m very disappointed with AnnTea. I never thought she would be so insecure of her own body and physical image. Anyway, is her body. Whatever her reasons for getting the implant was her choice. If it makes her happy then that’s all the matter.

As for me, I will forget about my disappointment very fast as it doesn’t concerns me. This exchanged made me realised that we are drifting apart. As I become more secure and comfortable in my own skin, she is becoming more vain and insecure. I choose to walk away from people who doesn’t value me as me, but she choose to change herself to make people value and like her more. This is life. People change and we can either choose to accept or not. If we choose to accept, then we need to learn to accept all aspects of them. If we choose not to accept, then we just walk away and minimise the contact with them.

Always, always do your best to accept yourself including all the flaws. Always remember that!

p.s. I was feeling disappointed with her because she deserves so much more and better than what she is getting especially when she has to compromise herself to get it. Anyway, is her life her choice.



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