Closer to my goals

I’m working on an exciting deal that will yield me very substantial financial reward if the deal goes thru. Is getting closer, but I won’t know for sure if I have successfully pull off the deal until Sept/Oct this year. It will be a deal that will makes my competitors envious and garner me unnecessary attention. In my professional life, I prefer to be low profile as I don’t want my competitors to get wind of the deals I’m working on. But unfortunately, my blonde color hair it is hard to fly under the radar. Haha.

Beside, my industry is a very small market. Once you had built up a reputation and track record, other competitors will know who you are. And not sure fortunate or unfortunate for me, I have built up a good reputation for myself in the industry and hence people tend to be curious about what I’m doing and etc.

In fact, there are many people who remember or recognise me, but yet I don’t remember them especially those I don’t deal with often. I feel flattered when people came up to me and told me they know me and counted off to me some of the deals I had concluded successfully. I actually find it amusing too as I’m the type person who doesn’t gives a shit about my competitors and definitely don’t remember their name and achievements. I don’t envy the financial reward they earn because I know if I work hard and smart I will earn my own financial reward too. I make enough of money to sustain and maintain my own lifestyle and I’m happy and proud of myself. I don’t have everything as I always tell people, but I have things I want to have in my life which I bought with my own hard earned money. Except for a some gifts from dad and brother (watches, bags, diamonds).

Sure, I love to have someone I love present me with gifts, but I’m ok with buying things for myself and not wait until someone gets it for me. Anyway, praying hard for my deals.

Wish me luck 😄!



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