A good cry

I felt much better after a good cry. And I said it out loud all the things that were pent up inside me that I couldn’t share on my blog. I mean I can, but I don’t feel like doing so as I don’t want the world to know the affairs of my heart. I don’t want to tell the whole world who is the man that I love the most because I still love this person after everything. I hadn’t cried for over a year and tonight was the 1st time I cried out loud and poured out my heart contents even though no one was listening. It was actually good to speak out loud to myself as it allowed me to be honest with myself about my feelings, my thoughts, my wishes and my desires.

I think everyone of us need a good cry once awhile to cleanse our heart of any unhappiness and admit to ourselves things that we don’t want the world to know. I feel the heaviness in my heart lifted and cleared away after a good cry. I’m not ashamed to admit that I had my weak moment because I’m a human after all.

There is 1 thing I want the most in my life, but I will never ever get it in this lifetime. It is a fact that I have to accept and not only have I learned to accept the fact, I also did everything I could to make sure the fact stays fact. I know I’m not making sense to people who is reading this post and is ok. ¬†Hopefully 1 day when I read back this post I will know and remember what and why I wrote this post. Haha.

For now, this post shall remains a mystery to everyone except me and maybe, just maybe 1 more person if that person reads my post.

Cry your heart anytime you feel like it. Nothing to be ashamed of to feel weak and emotional. It will do you good to let everything out as it will allow you to see and feel things more clearly after a good cry. I’m tired now so going to zzzz…..

Tomorrow is a bran new day with a chance for a brand new start.





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