I’m very forgetful lately. It has turned from bad to worst. For instance, I had created a Peter Wittendorp board on Pinterest, but just 2 days ago when I tried to save more new pins to this board, I couldn’t find it. Totally gone without a trace. I was surprised when I couldn’t find the board. A few thoughts crossed my mind about what could had happened to the missing board. 1 of the thought was Peter Wittendorp hired a white hacker to hack into my account to delete it. But then when I think deeper, I don’t think he will go to such an extent as this board was created 1 year ago. If he wanted to hack into my Pinterest’s account he could had done it earlier.

My the other thought seemed more plausible, but yet I have no recollection of doing it – I deleted the board myself. Frankly, I don’t remember if I did it or not even this moment, I still couldn’t remember. I’m guessing I did because there isn’t any more sensible reason to explain why the board was missing without a trace. Until now I’m still trying to think back if I did, but nothing comes to mind. Anyway, the board is deleted from my Pinterest and I don’t plan to create a new board again because it is time to move on. I haven’t use Pinterest for at least 2 months hence I didn’t realise the board was gone until 2 days ago. Is a good sign because I used the board to vent all my feelings when I created it 1 year ago. Now I don’t need to do it anymore.  I just wish I could remember I had deleted the board so that I won’t feel so forgetful.

I’m not only forgetful about things I did, but also what I had said or people I had met before. My memories really not as tip top as before. Maybe I think too much and hence only remember important things. Haha.

Oh well, it isn’t a bad thing to be forgetful as it will allows me to forget bad memories and also shitty people who hurt me. So don’t mind being forgetful occasionally. Hahaha


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