is very important in any type of relationship, especially in a love relationship. It is hard to feel love for another person if you don’t feel connected to that person mentally and emotionally. Physical attraction is just surface compare to mental and emotional connection. Without these 2, it is hard to form a meaningful relationship both professionally and personally.

I have been chatting regularly with Xavier, a captain for another middle east airline for the past 4 months (I never write anything about him before) and I met up with him for the 1st time about 2 weeks ago when he flew to KL due to work. We met up for drinks, followed by dinner and then we went to Arena for more drinks and beer pong. I wasn’t really surprised by his look as he sent me so many selfie of himself in the last 4 months so I was prepared for his look. Haha. Well, he isn’t bad looking. Average, tall with a tummy. He doesn’t has a memorable face, but it is a pleasant face though. We had been talking over the phone for awhile so it was easy for us to keep the conversation alive, at least for 4-5 hours on my part. We talked about his work and other more general topics. We never touched on his past personal relationship or anything related to the relationship topic. He didn’t ask me much questions about myself and it was the same for me too. In the past I would had asked a lot of questions especially if I like the guy. But in this instance with Xavier, I couldn’t bother to ask at all. If he disclosed voluntarily, good. If not, is fine too.

He drank like a fish and his breath smell of coffee as he is a heavy coffee drinker so I could smell it on his breath when he leaned in a bit closer to me. I actually told him I could smell coffee on his breath and informed him in a more polite and gentle manner that I’m very sensitive to smell and coffee smelling breath isn’t my favourite smell at all. Haha. He caught on my real meaning and said that I told him indirectly he had bad breath. Haha. I replied to him not bad breath, just breath that smell like coffee. To be honest it was a major turned off for me. I can’t stand breath that is laced with smell. I tried to keep a safe distance from him so that I wouldn’t be able to smell his breath when he talked to me.

Another reason I kept my distance was because I didn’t want him to lean in to kiss me. I just didn’t feel the sparks and attraction for him at all. My feeling for him is more like a friend rather than a man with the potential to start a relationship. I know he likes me a lot more than I like him, hence it was even more important for me to not led him on until I’m very clear that I would like to explore a relationship with him (still under observation). I just don’t feel the connection with him although we share a few same interests. I have been keeping an open mind and open heart to try to connect with him mentally and emotionally, but so far without much success. Connection can’t be forced that is for sure.

Is either you feel a connection or you don’t. That is why it was so hard for me to let go of the last guy as we had a strong and deep connection, at least before all the drama happened between us. I have to admit that I’m curious to know if my connection with the last guy is permanently gone or there is still a residue! A curiosity that will never be answered at all!

Anyway, coming back to Xavier, I will just give it a bit more time to see if there is a chance I can feel a connection to him. I’m not planning to rush into a relationship especially now my career is starting to take off with some very good potential big deals i the horizon, dating isn’t my priority. Closing big deals is my main and most important priority and goal at this present time!

I’m happy being single and enjoying my own time so I’m in no hurry to find a man to start a relationship. After the last bad experienced with Peter Wittendorp, I had enough of the pain, hurt and heartbreak to last me till my death. I’m much wiser now and more realistic in my relationship goals. So let’s see what’s in store for me with Xavier. Maybe nothing at all as I really need to feel the connection to him before I will consider dating him. Oh well…..time will tell. And now I need to sleep.

Goodnite world!


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