Photos of Peter Wittendorp

Finally I’m putting a face to his name after writing about our story for 1 year. Some people or maybe most people will think I’m revenging against him as I’m sharing with the whole world our messages exchanged and now his face! So am I? NO I’m not taking  revenge. If I want to revenge I would done it 1 year ago and not waited until now.

I’m doing this as a closure for myself. I have always write about all aspects of my life publicly and I had started writing about Peter Wittendorp as far back as 10 years ago when we first met. Back then it was a different blog address. I stopped for 2 years because he asked me not to share and write about us on my blog. At that time I listened to him because I didn’t want to upset him and respect our relationship. And I believed him when he said that our memories should be just for the 2 of us to cherish. I never thought he was scared of being found out that we had an affair. Yes we had an affair for 2 years even though we weren’t having sex regularly! We messaged daily and talked almost everyday too!

Anyway, long story short I have decided to do what I have always been doing for the past 10 years when I started blogging…..that is to write down my life story, both good and bad.   He taught me a valuable lesson that changed certain aspects of me hence I needed to record it down to remind me not to repeat the same mistake again with a man. A small part of me is forever scared by his accusation and lying. He played with my heart and feelings. He doesn’t deserves me protecting his image anymore. My trigger point was the accusation. I would admit if I had done it, but I didn’t. And to accuse me of that I just can’t accept it even until now. All I ever want from him was a sincere apology and I would had been able to have closure and move on quickly. Anyway…..I don’t want to start ranting about him again. I just want to move on and forget him using my own way. And I don’t care about what he thinks and feels with my actions.

p.s. I had more photos of him if I didn’t delete it after we had our big fights the past few times. He had a selfie of himself that he took in his office for me, his hunting trip in 2015 and a few more that I couldn’t remember anymore.




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