Friend Zone with Chris

Yesterday afternoon I dropped Chris a message to tell him that I just want us to be friend and nothing more. I also told him I don’t enjoy flirting with him anymore hence this part is out of the picture. I gave him the choice to choose if he still wants to be friend with me or not. And I just heard back from him and he said yes.

He thought I didn’t want to flirt with him was because he couldn’t keep up the flirting/lovership. I told him nothing to do with him. It is me. What I want now is to focus on my business and myself. I’m not in the mood to play the lovership game especially when I don’t feel an attraction toward Chris anymore. I get more adrenalin rush chasing my dream and business goals.

Relationship and men are taking a very back seat at this moment. I need to focus all my energy, time, effort and attention to achieve another success story in the real estate industry. This is my final round returning to the corporate world and the real estate industry so I don’t want to be distracted by someone like Chris whom I’m only interested to have as a friend.

He said he is ok with he friend zone. I asked him does he thinks I care if he is ok with the friend zone or not??? Haha…..

Anyway, I know clearly what I want from a man now. If the man falls short, I will reevaluate and reconsider. I won’t and don’t put up with crap and I will not bite my tongue and hide my feelings. I will speak my mind and be direct. Chris said he prefers and likes my directness. Again, I don’t care he likes/prefers or not. This is who I’m.

Oh well…..glad that Chris is in the friend zone now.


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