Negatives feeling for Chris

My feeling for Chris has turned negative lately. Why? Because his actions such as MIA and taking long time to reply my WhatsApp reminded me too much of Peter Wittendorp. The similarities are just too hard for me to miss and ignore especially when it brought back the same negative feelings and vibes I felt when I was with Peter. I pulled myself out of the rut and still recovering, I really don’t want to go through it again. Is not worth it! I don’t even love Chris and we are just FWB. I really don’t want to put myself through it again so I took a drastic move,  delete Chris number from my handphone.

This way I feel like I’m cutting off my connection to him. I actually feel good doing so because I don’t feel obligated to reply to him. I actually don’t miss him as I used to. I don’t enjoy the negative feeling I’m feeling because of his shitty behaviours and I don’t want to explain to him or ask him to change. He is being himself and beside he is nobody to me except FWB. So cutting tie to him and walking away is an easy task. Cleaner.

I did considered telling him how his shitty behaviours made me feel, but at the end I decided not to because he isn’t important to me. So don’t bother to waste my breath. I don’t know if he will still reach out to me, my guess is he will in a couple of days as he always does after a long stretch of silence from my end or his end. Anyway, whether he reaches out or not, my interests in him is nil now. I have decided I will delete his message without reading it because it will be the same old same old. Apology for MIA on me, long silent and admission he is an ass. I heard it too many times until I couldn’t feel touched by his apology anymore. I have enough and I don’t want it anymore.

Anyway, is actually nice to cut off people who don’t value my friendship. I will only give my time to people who deserve it. I have learned my lesson and I won’t hesitate to severe friendship or cut ties when they don’t add to my happiness quotient. For the past 2-3 months Chris failed to add to my happy quotient so it isn’t a loss to let him go. Sayonara.



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