Arena Bar KL @ TTDI Grand Opening on 25.3.17

Last night was Arena Bar Grand Opening and it was a huge success. Packed to the brim with customers. The whole place looks great with the 2nd phase opened. The DJ and the music were good.

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Tonight is the 2nd and last night of the grand opening party but I’m not going tonight as I’m still nursing a bad hangover from last night drinking. I was KO by around 1 am last night. Puked non-stop otw back. Luckily I didn’t puked inside my friend’s car. It was a nice car. Could be Maserati, but unsure as I was so drunk to even notice. I just remembered I puked more than 5x and I just crashed out until almost 2pm today.

No more hardcore drinking. I teamed up with a gf to play a game of beer pong with her girlfriends and we won. So her friends had to pay for the game. It was really fun. Anyway, for those of you who hasn’t checkout Arena yet, must go. All my friends love the place and keep going back.

Anyway, hope you guys will enjoy the place.


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