Random chats with Chris

The chat message speaks for itself about my level of positiveness and optimism. It is 1 of my best trait and core strength. I rarely allow the external environment to affect me and even if it did I bounced back very quickly.


But this was the 1st time someone told me that I could spark optimism from a dead horse šŸ¤£šŸ¤£! It was definitely a compliment, but an unusual one. Chris always is good with words and making statements.

I know I haven’t been writing much about Chris & I lately….that’s because I don’t have anything interesting to write about us anymore. My very initial sparks for him are totally gone, vaporised. I don’t miss him anymore and most of the time we will not chat for a couple of days and I will be fine. Usually he reached out if I was silent and he would apologised for being busy and etc. And my replied to him was whatever. Yesterday he reached out again after I didn’t reply to his message. He asked if I was giving him a taste of his medicine? I told him I’m too busy dealing with unreasonable clients to have time to give him a taste of his own medicine, but glad to know that he knew how it tasted like to be given silent treatment!

Nowadays, I called him out when I didn’t like his behaviours. I don’t hold back anymore as I don’t put up with shady and flaky behaviours! That was a time about 2 weeks ago he asked if I had deleted or blocked him as he couldn’t see my profile pic on WhatsApp. Actually I did for a few hours because on that day my mood wasn’t great and I was seriously thinking of cutting him off from my life. But then I thought to myself I didn’t need to be so dramatic. If I don’t want to chat with him, I can just ignore him and not reply his messages. I don’t need to go to such extreme to block and delete him. So I unblocked him and I didn’t think he noticed as it was just for less than 12 hours. Hahahaha….. ya that longgggg…….šŸ˜!

So imagine my surprised when he asked me if I deleted/blocked him? I didn’t admit I did simply because I didn’t want to explain why I did that in the 1st place. It was the past and the reason wasn’t important. I just answered him that if I don’t want to chat with him I will just ignore him. Kinda side tracked his question and yet still give him an answer. Haha. I didn’t want to lie, but I didn’t feel like admitting the fact as well!

Anyway, as I had mentioned many times, Chris and I we are just friends. Can’t even say good friend. Just a level higher than a normal friend, but not yet good friend. I used to want to know as much about him as possible, but nowadays I’m not interested anymore. Partly also because he seldom asks me about my life and etc and when I did asked him questions about himself he sometimes chose not to answer, hence over time it makes me lose interests in him and his life.

Nevertheless, it is still nice to chat with him. He is very descriptive and creative with words. That’s what I enjoy about him. That’s all for tonight about Chris & I.


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