I am stress….

and I don’t want to admit it but I have to. Mainly is because I’m worry about my finances. Arrggghhhhh, the mother of all my major migraines!! My stupid property in Ipoh is draining my bank account. Sucking my money. Is like throwing it in a black hole and never able to get any returns for it!! I wouldn’t be stressed if it isn’t for this particular property. I’m at my wit’s end with this shitty property. All I want is to get rid of it so that it won’t drain my bank account anymore. I’m going to lose at least RM600k for selling this property at way below my purchasing price. Sigh!!! Is painful and the biggest loses I will be incurring to date! Never ever invest in a market that I’m not familiar at all.

Anyway, I can’t turn back the clock so not going to beat myself up for investing in the wrong property as I never know it will be this bad. Now my focus is just cutting the losses by disposing of it soonest possible!! Once I get rid of this blood sucking property, my finances will be at least back to a manageable level. I’m stuck left and right at this moment. I’m not poor, but just cashless. Haha!

So to unwind, I’m drinking wine at 3.30pm local time! My mind can’t think anymore. I’m just writing whatever comes to mind at this moment. Hehe.

I’m also stress because of work. Is always a challenge when I start on a new path and direction in business. Sometimes I have doubts too if what I’m doing will yield me results. I can only share with a handful of people because not many understand my ideas and plans. Is always hard trying to carve a niche market. It can succeed and it can fail too, but I have to give it a try. I have to keep believing and thinking that eventually I will succeed. There is no turning back. Just keep pushing forward. Presently I can’t predict the results yet and couple with the stress over finances, I’m going almost bonkers. Arrgghhhh…….

Oh well…..after a glass of wine and some junk food, I’m feeling better and doing my best not to over stress myself. Life has a funny way of straightening out things if I allow it to flow naturally. Everything has it owns course to run. Sometime I can’t just rush it even if I want to. Believe and think positive are the only ways to minimise and manage my stress.

Anyway, hope you guys have a good day 😁!



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