Compliments from Chris

Captain Cool @ Chris told me he finds me sexy and attractive in more than 1 way……out of the blue on a Thursday afternoon when I didn’t expect a text from him. It definitely made my day. I asked him what about me he finds sexy and attractive. He said the fact that I’m self made in the business world and I embrace and celebrate my sexuality 😁😍! Is nice to know that he isn’t only attracted to me physically and sexually but also mentally. He was the 1st one to tell me that me being successful is sexy. Haha. Never crossed my mind that being successful can also be deemed sexy! Anyway is always nice to receive unsolicited compliments. But I don’t take it seriously. I mean I just treated it as a compliment and nothing more.

Chris also told me that he feels comfortable with me which he had told me many times. I felt the same too. Again not reading anything more into what he said to me. Frankly, I don’t trust men anymore except my male friends that I have known for a super long time and they have consistently shown me that their actions matched their words. Otherwise, whatever come out of a man’s mouth is just a bunch of sweet talking bullshit! Once burnt, twice shy! (my unforgettable experienced with Peter Wittendorp)


Even though Chris hasn’t done anything for me not to trust him, but doesn’t mean I should trust his words blindly. Words are meaningless without actions to back it up. If it is meaningless why should I take it so seriously. Right?

Anyway, I think Chris is an ok guy to have as a friend.


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