Arena Bar KL @ Menara Ken, TTDI

12.02.17 – The soft opening of Arena Bar KL @ Rooftop of Menara Ken, TTDI. It was a fun filled Sunday afternoon with friends. Arena is a franchised from HK. It is the biggest sports bar in KL with fun games such as beer pong, slap cup, darts and pool table. It was my 1st time playing beer pong and I enjoyed it a lot. It is a simple game, but quite challenging as I need to throw the ping pong ball into the cups. Each player is given 2 balls for each throw. The duration of the game is 10 mins. When the opponent threw the ball into my cup, I had to drink and the cup was taken away. At the end of 10 mins, the player with the less number of cups will has to pay for the game. I won and I lost, but it was damn fun. Haha!

Oh oh, I’m not a beer drinker, but I drank a lot in Arena because the beer was so cold and fresh. The hole you see in the picture is where cold fresh beer is pumped into the cup for loser to drink. Hehe. Seriously, the beer is so cold and fresh! And if you just want to drink, their price for per jug is RM45 only for all night long! Really cheap and worth it!

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I love the sunset and night views looking out from inside the bar. It was gorgeous. The bar does serves food too and I highly recommend the chicken wings, truffle french fries and nachos. The portion is big and the price is cheap. They sell 4 types of drafts beers, good selections of liquors and wine too.

It is a good place to chill with friends and play a few friendly beer pong games or darts. But it is also super fun to challenge strangers to a game or 2. It is definitely a good way to break the ice and make new friends 😁😁! Which is the main idea of Arena Bar, is to allow people to mingle and make new friends rather than just boring drinking.

I will go there more often as it is located about 10mins drive from my home. Do check it out if you guys are looking for a new cool and fun place to chill with your friends and play a few fun games. Highly recommend.

NOTE : Currently Arena Bar is on trial run hence there are still some minor areas that need to be touched up. Presently only 2/3 of the place is opened, but by next week the whole entire 5.5ksf space will be fully opened. The place still looks good and cool at current condition.

Checkout their FB page Arena Bar



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