Mindful Cuffs

Received the simple yet stylish mindful cuffs yesterday afternoon. Every single one of the cuff has its own meaning and it serves as a gentle reminder to me about my life. Occasionally I need to be reminded how I should live my life and what I should do, especially when I have doubts about myself and my life.

I like to say I don’t have worries, but I do. Mostly is financially related. I just need to sell off my properties to cut my losses and take back some cash. I lost quite a fair bit of money in one shitty property investment and the worst part is I’m still stuck with the said property as I still haven’t find a buyer for it yet even when I’m prepared to sell at a loss. Anyway, I’m going to keep thinking positive that I will find a buyer soon 😁!

So why did I chose the above 4 mindful cuffs? Well it was because I felt those 4 serve as the foundation of how I want to live my life moving forward. There are others as well and I think it makes a good gift too. I bought 2 more for both my best friends – Nora & Naomi. Theirs are different from mine. I carefully selected each mindful band based on who they are and the stage of life they are in now. I hope they will love it as much as I do.

There are 3 designs – cuffs (like mine), bands & bracelets. It is also not expensive. Range from RM180 – RM230 per cuff/band/bracelet. I spent slightly over RM1000 for 6 pieces in total. Anyway, the company name is called Mindful Company.

I’m going to enjoy these cuffs as much as possible as it makes chic and cool accessories too. Hehe.



















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