My Happy Smile

If someone would to ask me what I love the most about myself, I will answer MY HAPPY SMILE πŸ€“πŸ˜! I look so radiant, cheerful and alluring. When I laugh, it is genuine and my face will just lit up. Haha! I know I might come across vain to people, but I do believe I look gorgeous when I smile 😝! To be honest, when my mood was gloomy I would looked at my photos and when I saw my own happy smiling face smiling back at me, I would feel happy again. My photos remind me of who I’m, the life I have and how bless I’m. But most important of all, it reminded me that I look and feel the best when I’m smiling happily! And I do love to smile and laugh as often and as much as possible because smiling and laughing do chase away my moodiness!!

I chose this particular pic because I look cute with the fake glasses. I look nerdy and happy 🀣🀣! I feel being drawn to this photo for some reason. Lol! When I forgot how to smile (it happened sometimes), the above pic would remind me how to smile and why I should smile because I look pretty and glowing. Haha.

Below is another smiling pic, but my favourite is still the one above. Hehe! Anyway, sending a big happy smile to all my readers! Cheers 😁!



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