Chris friendship

Haven’t been writing for almost 3 weeks now. Life is alright, nothing exciting happens yet. Chris is still around and we are still chatting, but I don’t feel the sparks that I had when we first started chatting. There were times when I felt disconnected from him or didn’t find him appealing at all. When that happened, I took a break and didn’t reply his messages or took longer to reply. And to be honest I felt kinda good not chatting with him daily. Haha. I was actually feeling bored with him and I wanted to take a breather. I took the time off to sort out my feelings for him and I came to the conclusion that I only like him as a friend. Which is a good thing. I like and enjoy his friendship. Is carefree and relaxing. I don’t feel cheese off if he doesn’t reply my texts or call me. Beside, I don’t feel the initial sparks for him anymore. Deep down in my heart I know clearly he will only be a friend (with benefits occasionally 😈🙈).

So all is good with Chris. Chatting with him is still fun (when I’m not feeling bored with him 😝) and interesting. And I’m definitely keeping my options open for now. I will hangout with men that intrigue and interest me so that I will know better what I want in a man and the type of relationship I want. At present, I’m not ready for anything serious. I just want to enjoy a carefree single life with zero dramas and no crazy and baseless accusations thrown at me.

Hence thats’s why I prefer to have Chris as a friend rather than a lover. No emotional attachment (I don’t get attach to my friends), no expectations and no disappointments for sure. He told me he likes our connection and so do I 😄! I asked him what he likes about me? Is it my silliness? Haha. He told me he likes my spirit….my don’t -give-a-fuck is a very attractive character 😛! Again, is my free spirited nature that he finds attractive. Is nice to know that I’m consistently being myself and living the life I want and desire at my own terms and conditions. Not giving a fuck is sexy and attractive! LOL!

Anyway, I will just enjoy my friendship with Chris.

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