6.1.17 – Good day

1st half of the day had been good so far. Great start to 2017. Found a replacement tenant for my own office units after the previous tenant wanted to abort the TA. Forfeited the previous tenant deposits to use to cover the agent’s commission as well as the rental free period. The rental isn’t too ideal, but at this current market I will accept it rather than keeping the units empty. Been vacant for 14 months so just wanted to rent it out asap. 1 headache resolved.

I have a feeling 2017 will be a great and fantastic year for me. Although I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I know it will be something great as I can feel the positive energy coursing through me. Hehe. And I seriously feel good. Feeling calm and steady. Not easily upset and believing that there are solutions for all issues and things will workout eventually. Just need to continue to think and stay positive 😁!

So looking forward to an exciting and interesting days ahead. And nowadays I will only give as much as I received especially when it comes to men, be it lovership or relationship or friendship. And I won’t waste my time and energy to always reach out 1st. If they miss me, they will look for me. If not, I’m fine too. I find that I don’t want to seek attention from them and I don’t really need their presence in my life πŸ˜‰! Life is about balance and give and take. Men are like accessories. Good to have, but not a need! Hence can live without a man. Beside taking care and loving myself are the best gifts I can give myself.

There will be ups and downs in my life, but what’s important is I have to stay and think positive and not let problems bring me down! Is ok to fall, but is important and imperative to bounce back speedily and not stay falling down 😁😁!

I won’t put men down, but I won’t put them on a pedestal too. I used to put someone as a priority, but moving forward it won’t be anymore unless I’m his priority. Hehe.

Anyway, gotta go…..till next post.




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