Loving Myself

Everyday I’m falling more and more in love with myself 😄! I love the face that is staring back at me when I look at the mirror. I can see the glow on my face that is being reflected back and I can see a smiling happy me 😁! My eyes are bright and alert, not tired and dull. I also love my body. Definitely not perfect, but I won’t change a single thing. My body and my face are uniquely mine and if those don’t know how to appreciate it, that’s their problem. Not mine. I’m not going to change a single thing about me to please anyone or to fit into someone’s image/ideal.

As I learn to love myself more, I also learn to walk away from people who don’t love me for me! I’m embracing and celebrating my 40s’. Although I’m turning 42 years old August this year, I feel that my I’m still a big kid and definitely a free spirited woman! Haha.

I don’t know what hit me, but as I stepped into 2017 I feel liberated and I’m determine to live my life differently from 2016. I still don’t know how I’m going to achieve my financial goal, which is the biggest challenge I have set for myself to date, but I have a feeling I will be able to make my dream comes true. I have faith and confident in myself 😁😁!

I honestly don’t need any validation from anyone anymore. As I grow to love myself more, I begin to truly see the beauty of myself thru my own eyes. I truly and fully understand now the meaning of loving ourselves because when we love ourselves wholeheartedly, we don’t need any validation from anyone and we will feel even more secure and confident in who we are. I always know who I’m and confident with myself, but once a while I still like to get some assurance and validation. And like everyone else, I do feel insecure once a blue moon especially in a relationship or with men as I feel the need to hear them heaping compliments on me, but now I don’t need it anymore. I’m still happy to receive compliments (who doesn’t. haha), but I won’t be hoping for it to make me feel accomplish and desirable.

I’m desirable in my own unique ways. As I have always said, I’m not everyone glass of wine 😛 or whisky! I have accomplished a lot by the aged of 35 and all through my own hard work hence I’m darn proud of myself. I had a lousy childhood, but it didn’t bring me down. Whatever I have today, I work hard to earn it!

I love to be love by a man who truly loves all of me, but I need to learn how to love myself wholeheartedly and falling in love with myself on a daily basis. Trust me, when you love yourself it will shows on your face and you will be glowing and happy most of the time. At least I am 😁😁!

Anyway, I wish all you learn how to love and fall in love with yourself if you haven’t yet. I promise you will not only see the transformation in your physical look, but you will also feel it from within. You will feel like you are on top of the world. Haha.

I love everything about myself and I’m falling in love with myself daily. I believe 1 fine day I will meet a guy who will love me wholeheartedly 😁!


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