Being honest

I woke up this morning feeling a different kind of energy. I’m more determine than ever to live my life differently than 2016. I had been harbouring some disappointment for 1 of my best friend, Naomi, as she has been focusing too much on her relationship until the extend that when we went out she was anti-social and glued herself to her boyfriend like a koala bear hugging a tree. Her boyfriend is younger than her and he is slightly on the fleshy side, but nice guy. Her boyfriend is actually my friend and they met thru me. I’m happy for her that she met someone who loves her a lot, but I’m not too happy when she had to rush  off to be with him when she was spending time with me, especially when he was going to join us later for dinner 🙄! Beside that, she also broke her promised to go holiday with me, which I’m cool if she told me ahead of time instead of waited for me to ask her if our holiday was confirmed or not. I dislike her actions and behaviours, but I let it slide past me as I know how much she wants to have a boyfriend in her life. Before she started dating, she would reached out at least once a week to say hi and see how things were on my end and I did the same too. But after she started dating and became self-absorbed in her relationship, she stopped reaching out and I did the same too. I’m tired of being the one who always reach out. A healthy friendship is 2 ways traffic where both people contribute the same amount of effort, time and energy.

I’m not the only one who noticed the changes in Naomi. A few of our mutual friends (again she met them thru me) who had been hanging out with her and her bf (he worked for 1 of my good friend’s company) also commented that when they went out dinner and drinking, Naomi would become jealous if the bf talked to other women (for biz purpose) and requested to leave early. They asked me why she became so uncool? I told them I don’t know to be honest. I really wanted to let her be, but I know that if I don’t tell her how I feel I will start to distance away from her and in the end we won’t be best friend anymore. I know I’m taking a risk by being honest and open with her as she might be pissed off and upset with me, but is a chance an risk I’m willing to take. At least I’m being honest with my best friend and how she choose to deal with what I told her is strictly her decision. I have no say in it. But as she is my best friend, I choose not to hide my thinking and feeling from her, but rather be upfront and honest.

Today I sent a few WhatsApp messages to people I care and cherish, to thank them for being in my life and tolerating my flaws and faults. I appreciate their presence in my life and I know I can always count on these group of friends when I need their help and support without questions ask. I feel really good to be able to pour out my thoughts and feelings to people without worrying about repercussion. And I sincerely value their friendship. These are people I can trust without a doubt! I don’t need a large group of friends, I just need to be surrounded by the right kind of friends and my life will be richer 😀!

I still have a few more people to thank and voice my appreciation and I will do that in the next few days. I will update once I hear from Naomi. I hope I don’t lose her as a friend, but I’m prepared. So wish me luck! Haha.  Ciao for now!



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