Peter Wittendorp

A name that I want to forget and yet I’m being reminded on almost a daily basis because of the posts I wrote about him and I. Without failed everyday for the past few weeks visitors to my blogs would searched for posts related to him. I had wrote so many posts about other men in my life and also about my daily life, but yet the interest was always about Peter Wittendorp. I wonder why??? What are so interesting about these posts that it actually prompted the visitors to search my blogs for all the posts related to him? I will be lying if I say I’m not curious to know why, but since I will never know the answers I will just drop my curiosity!

Seeing his name on a daily basis brought back some memories, but didn’t affect my emotions at all. The only feeling that is associated with his name and him is he is a LIAR! He was a lesson the universe wanted me to learn from. He was the 1st man I loved deeply and also a man who hurt me the most and changed my views about relationship and men permanently. I was never a believer in marriage, but after my emotional, mental and physical lovership with Peter Wittendorp, I think marriage is just the biggest joke we human play on ourselves!!

Men think they are doing women  favour by marrying us and women feel that getting married, having a husband and kids are the greatest achievement in her life is in for a rude awakening and reality check! 99% of men cheat and most of the reasons men used to cheat are rubbish excuses they use to delusion themselves so that they don’t feel bad about cheating! They don’t only lie to the women, but also to themselves. And for those women who continue to stay and believe in their cheating man, you aren’t being brave and forgiving. You just don’t want to face the reality that your man is a cheater. Cold hard truth is never easy to admit and swallow!

“I love you and want to be with you. But I still love her and want to be with her too. This isn’t the traditional 1-1 love”  – That was what Peter Wittendorp said to me and I fell for it. I should had ran away from him, but instead I fell deeper for him! Hahaha. Silly me. I guessed that was what love do to the brain…..made me stupid instead of being smart and alert 😆! Now I can laughed at my own stupidity as I had forgiven myself for trusting Peter and for giving him countless chances to break my heart! I had to shoulder some of my actions and took responsibilities for my decisions.

He isn’t a bad person, but he isn’t a good man too. I’m numb to his accusations and I choose not to response further. Silence is golden 😄! Best way to deal with senseless accusations from someone is to ignore it entirely! Engaging in words war will just fuel it further and drain me as well. My well being is my main priority. And why waste time arguing my innocent when the accusation hurled at me came from a serial liar (2 full years)!

Anyway, whatever! If people want to believe a liar, let them be. I can’t control what people choose to believe and not. Oh well, writing about him just gives me negative vibes so I’m going to stop now.






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