Chris Visited Me πŸ˜† (12.12.16)

Chris went back to Penang to visit his parents last week and yesterday he spent 1 night in KL to catch up and see me πŸ˜ƒ! I got back from Bali yesterday afternoon and he reached KL about 1.5 hours later. I went to KL Sentral to pick him up and we went to BSC for Japanese dinner. After dinner, we head back to my home to chill over red wine. I wasn’t sure he would be able to extend his stay in KL for 1 night so I was happy when he told me he could. I was looking forward to see him and a tad nervous too 😝! I wasn’t sure if the connection we shared over our chats would be the same in person too. But I told myself not to overthink and just enjoy his presence and company. Treat him like an old friend cum lover without any expectations πŸ˜€! And it worked. We had a nice dinner and talked about everything without losing a beat or feeling awkward.

After dinner, we headed back to my home to chill and relax. Opened a bottle of Rioja red wine to drink. Physique wise he wasn’t what I expected, but it was acceptable. I feel very comfortable around him, like an old friend. I put him up in my guest room. After he showered, he came out to join me in the lanai area for wine.

That was when he puled me in for a long kiss. Interesting style of kissing. Not so much french kissing and he liked to kiss my bottom lip. Haha. I don’t know how to describe but it is definitely interesting. We kissed for quite awhile. Well I won’t go into full details of what he did 😝!

Overall, it was 7 out of 10 experienced with Chris. I enjoyed chatting with him in person. I told him he is welcome to stay in my guest room anytime he is in KL. Maybe I might see him again next weekend when he has to fly to KL for work. Will see. If not, I’m fine as well.

Anyway, I think for sure I don’t have any romantic feeling for him anymore. It is more like FWB kinda feeling now. Which is good and what I like. I don’t plan to start any serious relationship for the next 1-2 years as I want to focus on my career. So Chris as FWB is good πŸ˜ƒ! Haha.

But most important was I learned a lot more about Chris. He is the only child, parents in the 80s’, a few investments here and there and he isn’t a show off guy. Definitely not metrosexual since he has uneven teeth. Haha. We talked about a lot of things. He shared with me the perils of living in Dubai ( hidden risks). We talked about property investments, our view about life and etc. Oh he also met my brother and had a few glasses of wine with him .We talked about holiday destinations and stuffs.

I never allowed a guy’s friend to stay overnight in my home and Chris was the 1st. I just felt very comfortable with him, like an old friend. He also made himself very at home πŸ˜†!

He will looks better without the slight tummy. Hahaha. He blamed it on all the food he ate while in Penang for 1 week. I like lying my head on his belly as it was cushy and nice. He actually enjoyed it too. Oh ya, his cuddling was very comfortable. Not feeling any discomfort. But because both of us coughed, he actually slept in the guest room so that we both could get some proper sleep. Which to be honest, I was glad because he snored.

I need total quietness to be able to sleep well. And I’m not use to sharing the half of my bed when I’m so use to having the whole bed to myself. Hehe. He was really nice to cuddle me to sleep before he went to the guest room to sleep. Kinda sweet 😜!

That are all for now. Till the next update…..

p.s. Chris favourite spot in my condo is the same as me……my lanai with a nice comfortable daybed. We have same taste. Haha


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