Patek Phillippe -Timeless Elegance

Owning a Patek’s watch had always been on my wishlists since I started working in my mid-20s’. And that wish came true when I was in my early 30s’, but I didn’t get to buy it immediately because there were no stock on the model and color I wanted so had to wait for almost 1 year before I got my 1st piece of Patek. Even then I didn’t get to buy the color I wanted (black strap). But looking back now I was glad that I didn’t get the black color, instead the khaki color as shown in the above picture. It was recommended by the sales manager of the watch boutique. At that time there were only 2 colours available – khaki or purple and of course no brainer I chose khaki color. And loving it since the day I bought and own this piece of timeless beauty about 7-8 years ago. No regret buying it.

In fact, over the years it is still 1 of my favourite watch. I’m lucky to be able to own a few pieces of nice watches over the years. Buying a piece of luxury and expensive watch isn’t a waste of money , but rather a form of investment because over the years the prices of all the luxury brands watches have increased at least 10% on a yearly basis and the percentage of discount given by retailers are becoming lesser compare to before. Beside, depending on the industry and circle of people you are socialising with, owning a luxury timepiece will helps to break the ice and starts a conversation. It happened to me many times especially when I’m wearing this particular watch from Patek Phillippe. This watch is 1 of the most iconic watch from Patek Phillippe range and a lot of women like to own 1. It is a versatile watch because it is sporty yet ladylike, classy and simple. It goes well with jeans or an evening gown perfectly. Beside the different color straps make it your own style because you will choose and buy a color that you like and best suit you.

If you only want to own 1 Patek Phillippe, highly recommend this particular model – Aquanaut. Promise you won’t regret paying and owning it because you will never get bored with it. And I’m lucky to be able to own this unique color and not the basic white or black color. I love to play with different color straps for all my watches. A watch doesn’t has to be boring 😆! Change the straps color to suit your taste as well as to make the watch more outstanding. I’m lucky to be able to own 3 PP watches. I might buy some more in the future if I come across something I like.

But for now I will just enjoy whatever I have 😀!



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