Intellectual vs Sexual Prowess

Do you prefer a woman to want you for your intellectual or sexual prowess?? – I asked over a dozen of my guys friend this question today as I was curious what would they choose. Actually, this question was meant for Chris only, but after he gave me his answer I thought it would be fun to ask my other guys friend so that I can gain better insight to how they think about relationship and do they prefer women want them as a sex object or their intellectual mind.

Majority of my guys friend chose intellect and only 3 chose sexual prowess. 1 wasn’t serious hence will take him out of the count. so only 2 chose sexual prowess. 1 of them said that just intellect alone will not suffice and keep the interests going. He has a point, but at the same time I think he missed the point of my question. His choice has shown me that he prefers to be wanted for his sexual prowess than his mind. Hmmmmm, nothing wrong with his choice, but it made me realised that we never really had any intellectually stimulating conversations since I known him in Jan this year. Occasionally he was sexually stimulating (with his words), but never mentally stimulating. Our conversations never make me ponder further on the topics we talked about and sometimes it were mundane too. I didn’t realise this fact until now. Anyway since we are just friend I’m not bother by his choice. Beside, my question was purely for fun only 😛!

Chris and my other male friends selected intellectual, which was within my expectation. I did asked them why and they told me because sex will fizzle out and intellect won’t. Beside it isn’t fun to have sex with someone whom they aren’t able to have a decent conversation with. Which I totally agree with them!! I will never choose a man just because he is good in the sack even if he has the right size hardware 🙈😈!

The right size hardware that doesn’t comes with the software is just less attractive and desirable. Hence, it is imperative to have mental connection, physical attraction and sexual chemistry to make a relationship last. Men are just like women after all….they aren’t just purely after sex but also intellectual connection and mental stimulation.

Anyway, my survey sample wasn’t large and it was conducted purely for fun only. But I will continue to use this question to break the ice with any new guy I’m going to meet in the future. I think it will be a good pick up line for women to use on men who catch their eyes or like without the fear of being rejected 😂😂.

This topic is interesting enough to start a friendly debate and keep the conversation alive and less boring. Plus I learned some new abbreviations (sex related) from friends too. It was very entertaining to read their reply and rationale. Made me laughed non-stop! Haha.

If any of my female readers do conduct this survey, please share the outcome by leaving the comments on this post. Looking forward to hearing back from all of you out there 😄! I will update when I have new result or comments. Enjoy and have fun asking the question!




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