Knowing Chris Better

I know Chris a little bit more. At the age of 6, he went to the airport for the 1st time and that was when he realised he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up. Is in his blood as he would tremble with excitement purely on the sound of an airplane or helicopter. He would run to the nearest window and peer out to see it fly past. He was made Captain at the aged of 35. It isn’t just a job, but his passion to fly. He is doing what he loves and I find that awesome because most people work to live. But for him, he lives to work, just like me.

I asked him if he can have 3 wishes come true, what will it be? (His answers were not the norm and definitely not what I expected as well. I told him he had to give me his most honest wishes and below were what he told me:

  1. Self confidence (mine comes and goes, very annoying)
  2. Contentment (to be able to find happiness in the most adverse situations)
  3. Be the ultimate comeback king (I hate not being able to fire back a witty comeback when people are being rude)

See, not the typical wishes and pretty interesting. I told him that I didn’t believe that his confidence is on and off as he said. He gave me the impression that he is always confident. I asked if he was pulling my legs?

His replied was, “Behind every confident person is a child, scared and unsure of this big scary and unknown world. That’s what drives us to be good at what we do, to have some form of emotional and ambition stability in an otherwise chaotic and uncertain world.”

I find his admission refreshing if what he told me is true. To be able to admit 1 weakness isn’t always easy for a man. And my guts tell me that he was being honest. Oh well, I will take his words on face value and not 100%.

Frankly, I didn’t try hard to understand him. I will just let his patterns and vibes show me who he is. Some days I find him interesting and I missed chatting with him, and some days I don’t. And there were times I felt like deleting and blocking him entirely. I just felt like cutting him out of my life, but a small voice inside my head told me not to be rash. Give it some space and time to see where it lead me to! Although I have an inkling it is leading to nowhere except friendship. Which I don’t mind actually. Haha.

Anyway, not going to waste time trying to predict the future. When the time is right, the future will reveal itself. What I have to do now is just go with the flow and enjoy the moment.

Ok very sleepy…..goodnite everyone!


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