Customer Service

On 29th October, I made a hotel reservation thru for my upcoming trip to Bali. At that time, the room rate was RM7,076. I selected the option to pay later, which is today date. Because of the weak Ringgit Malaysia, the total amount increased to RM7,806. It was 10% more. Before I called Agoda customer service, I did a quick checking on their website for the same room category and the total amount if I booked today would be RM7,300. When I saw the current rate was actually cheaper than the rate I was charged, I called their customer service to explain what I saw and questioned them why I had to pay a higher rate than what is being offered on their website now. The customer service agent, Marta, offered to issue me a refund for the differences as goodwill. And she promised she would sent me an email to confirm about the refund and she did. So now the rate I paid is my old rate of RM7,076 ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†!! I’m a very happy customer.

I have to praise for their friendly, helpful and polite customer service team. This wasn’t my 1st experienced with their professional customer service agents. But this time around, I’m very impressed and surprised by their level of service and professionalism. I will continue to book thru because of my positive experienced with their customer service and also their attractive room rate most of the times.

So far I’m a satisfied customer and will recommend anyone to try when booking a hotel room. Try and find out for yourself.




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