Kiasu, Kiasi

According to Wikipedia, the meaning for Kiasu & Kiasi are explained as the following:

Kiasi is commonly compared to Kiasu (literally, fear of losing) and both are commonly used to describe behaviour where Kiasi or Kiasi-ism means to take extreme means to avoid risk and Kiasu or Kiasu-ism means to take extreme means to achieve success.

It is a Hokkien dialect and widely use in KL, Singapore & Taiwan. But most of the time we use it to describe Singaporean behaviour because they are known for possessing such traits. And recently, while I was doing some research online I stumbled across not 1 but multiple blogspots by the same person covering different aspects of his/her life. I didn’t read the blogs as I found it amusing that this person is so Kiasu until he/she needs to have so many different blog address to promote himself/herself!! I don’t know where this person is from, but definitely is Asia as the blog address starts with this person name 🙄🙄!

I couldn’t help wondering what type of person feels a need to publicise his/her existence through so many blogs??? Probably attention seeker with insecurity issue 😝!! I contemplated to write this post or not, but at the end of the day I decided to do so because this person is displaying the classic kiasu behaviour. I’m really curious to know the nationality of this person. My gut feeling is leaning towards Singaporean (p.s. google wikipedia the word kiasu and it makes reference to Singaporeans 🙈😂), but personally I’m not sure.  If my gut feeling is right……it will be the most hilarious and kiasu act!!! 😂😂😂

Anyway, this post is not to pass judgement on anyone, but rather to demonstrate the meaning of kiasu and kiasi.


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