Isetan – The Japan Store @ Lot 10

Woke up early today and decided to checkout the latest brouhaha in Lot 10 Shopping Centre – The Japan Store! All items they are selling are Japanese brands. The old Isetan was gutted and transformed to what you are seeing on my pictures. The designs are cool and spacious, but the items are overly pricey and not many choices. For instance, the bedsheets cost RM7680. A simple quilt cover cost RM500. I touched it ad it is soft, but the price is just obscene!! How many people are able to afford such a hefty price, hence I can’t help but wonder who is their target market?? The ultra rich?? If the ultra rich, will they shop and buy locally? It might be cheaper to buy in Japan itself than to buy it locally. Personally, I won’t pay the absurd price tag for a bedsheet! Haha. The store are divided into different levels that cater to men, women, children, old and young. A little bit of everything.

Some of the women fashion that I found weren’t suitable for me to wear. It is too Kawaii (cute) to suit me. Beside, the prices are too crazy for me πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ! Look at the blue dress. Does it looks like for adult or kids?? When I was standing in front of the dress, I was trying to figure out is the dress for adult or children because it looks too small and petite!! And look at the necklaces……too cute for my style!! Haha!

As for the food court, again it only serve Japanese cuisine and I’m, ok with it. I love Japanese food anyway. There are a variety of different food stores that specialise in different Japanese cooking style. I tried the following rice broth and although it looks simple, but it was tasty and and flavourful 😍! Not oily at all. Which is why I enjoy Japanese food so much. 1 of my favourite cuisine.

You can also buy pre-cooked frozen food if you like. Again, I find that the varieties aren’t great. I wasn’t wow by it. And just like everything else, even the food (cookies, chips, sauces) are expensive. Just not worth to pay the price for it. I’m sure it is delicious but to pay RM60+ for 1 peach jelly, I think it is just too overprice irregardless how delicious it taste. I’m definitely not the ultra rich that will splurge on such expensive foodstuffs even though I can afford it πŸ˜€!!

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No doubt the new concept, design and generous space provide shoppers with a different experience, but I feel there aren’t enough of interesting products that are reasonably price to wow me back to shop again. I might go back again to try the different food stores, but it won’t be on a regular basis as there are nothing much to shop inside both The Japan Store and Lot 10 itself.

I think it is high time to renovate and revamp the entire Lot 10 to lure more human traffic into the shopping center. But the owner has to bring in more international brands that are not available in other shopping malls. Otherwise it won’t work too.

So, is it worth to checkout The Japan Store?? Yes, just to at least experience it once and see for yourself what the brouhaha is about πŸ˜€! Anyway, the above are purely my own experienced and viewed. Hope you guys and gals have a fun time shopping.














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