My World

I’m sitting in Ippudo typing away as I just finished my lunch. Been awhile since I last wrote as I had been busy and extremely tired from work. Good kind of tired so I’m happy. Beside my lovership life is keeping me occupied too 😈😂! Still chatting and talking to Chris on daily basis, but his night shifts are disrupting his sleep so our chats/talks didn’t lasted as long as before. And he is also getting into the habit of not answering some of my questions. I was annoyed and frustrated at 1st, but not anymore. I just let him be and not be to hung up about the lack of information and reply. What I do is find myself another 2-3 more new people to chat with. Not lovers, but just new friends who are like minded. I just want to give myself more options and all these new people have made me understand men more. And I notice patterns in men behaviour and actions that are fairly interesting and fascinating.

Raining cats and dogs now. Surrounded by lunch crowd and yet I’m able to retreat into my own world and not be affected by the activities around me. Is really fun to be able to block the world out and just enjoy the sound of the rain pelting down. The havoc the rain is going to cause the traffic later. It will be a nightmarish and massive traffic jam!! I’m going to head home after this post.

I remember the 1st long chat I had with Chris was when he was in Florida and it was also raining cats and dogs like now. We had a very nice chat and found out that we actually enjoy and like rain 😃😀! But lately I feel like he is slightly disconnected and distracted. It is just my own gut feeling but I could be oversensitive. But then again I could be right. I didn’t ask him because I know even if I do ask he won’t tell me. Hence what’s the point to ask. He likes to keep things to himself so I will respect his decision.

Anyway, the rain has stops and I think I want to head home so that I can put up my feet and enjoy the comfort of my own home.

Wishing everyone a good day and week ahead. Hope you guys are able to find your own little world in this crazy unpredictable world we are living in!




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