Chris is sick

I never understand why when men is sick, they turn into a big kid and seek attention! Few days ago Chris had been telling me that he wasn’t feeling well and yesterday he told me he is down with cough, running nose and teary eyes. He j0kingly asked me to help him. Haha. This was the 3rd time in 1 week he told me he isn’t feeling well. He asked me to make him feel better and I was like, duh, how to make you feel better when we live so far apart from each other. Anyway, I did told him to drink more water as well as honey lemon for his sore throat.

We chatted daily except for 1-2 days he was away on duty hence we didn’t chat. But he did informed me that he wouldn’t be online and would catch up with me when he got back and he did. Most of the time, I don’t make a big deal when I don’t hear from him. Yes, I did missed chatting with him, but it never lasted long because the distance as well as I still don’t know him that well. And since he doesn’t volunteer any information, I choose not to ask as well because on the few occasion that I did, he just sidestepped my questions. After awhile I just don’t feel like asking. I really don’t want to put in so much time, effort ad energy in another LDR because I really don’t think we will end up together. We will most likely ended up being FWB cum part-time lover. Hence I’m taking it easy with Chris, but have to admit that sometimes I did missed chatting with him. Oh well, luckily I have other fun friends to keep me occupy as and when I feel like chatting with someone to just unwind and not think about work.

Anyway, he is sick and he did tell me that he isn’t a good company when he isn’t feeling well. Just that today I’m feeling very tired and my body is aching hence I want someone to entertain and cheer me up. Unfortunately Chris isn’t available. But another good friend stepped in and cheered me up so I’m feeling better now 😀!

Oh well, I’m going to leave Chris alone. When he is ready and back to normal, he will reach out. Or when he misses my vibes he will touch base too. I’m choosing to give him the space and let him come to me. If he doesn’t, then I know is time to move on. Nowadays, I don’t like wasting too much time hoping unlike previously. If I have to delete and cut off contact to move on, I will. No hesitation. Hehe.

Ok, let’s see how long it will takes the big baby to reach out to me this time 😉!




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