Super tired

Today feeling very tired. Brain and body very weak. Not sure why. After my lunch appointment, my whole brain just kinda shutdown and I had to take a nap for 2 hours to recharge But even after the nap, I’m still feeling lethargic. My eyes are tired, my head is heavy and my entire body is aching. I hope I’m not coming down with any sickness. Anyway, going to take it easy tonight and will sleep early to make sure my body has enough rest.

Could be I’m also stress out about my work. Everything is slow motion. Everyone taking their own sweet time to revert back to me. Just drive me up the walls and there is nothing I can do about it. It is really frustrating. People have expectation of me and I have expectation of myself too, hence the unforeseen pressure I put on myself.

Sometimes I feel like I’m taking on more than I can chew, but then again I like to challenge myself. Life is boring without the right amount of challenges and I need it or else I will wither. Anyway, I’m not sure what I’m writing as my brain isn’t functioning so my thoughts are going haywire.

Better stop now…..


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