Experimenting with Chris

My communication style with Chris is different this time compare to the past. It is more of letting events unfold itself and going with the flow. It is not about asking and finding out, but rather it is about allowing him the space and freedom to share whatever he wants with me. If he wants to tell, I will be happy to listen, but I don’t ask questions because I feel that if he wants me to know more, he will tell more. If not, then I should respect his wishes and not persistently ask him questions. And  If he doesn’t wants to tell, it is also fine with me. Sometimes the less I know, the better for me as I won’t get too attached unnecessarily. This time around I just want to just go with the flow and see where it takes me rather than rush and push things to happen.

Sometimes when the timing isn’t right yet for things to happen, it will just backfire if we keep pushing for it. I have to have faith that what meant to be will be. What aren’t meant to be will never be! And by adopting this new approach to lovership, I find that I’m happier and less stress. The future is seriously unknown so why waste time guessing and predicting. The past is already bygone, why waste time looking back and wishing that I can turn back the clock because I couldn’t!! Now is the only moment I have and therefore I should enjoy whatever is in front of me now!

I’m not sure how successful this new style of communication is going to be as I’m experimenting it with Chris and all the new people I’m meeting. So far so good. I think Chris should be cool with my new way of communicating too as he is still around. Haha.

Anyway, I will improve and modify as I move along. But for sure, this isn’t the same old communicating style as I won’t allow a man to make me feel bad for being myself, for speaking my mind and for asking questions. I won’t allow a repeat of my past experienced. I really don’t want to mention that ‘person’ name anymore in any of my post as I don’t want him to continue to live in my posts. Will update periodically how this new communication style with Chris is progressing.

Good nite world 😀



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