I think I’m going to be a permanent blondie as I’m constantly getting compliments from both sexes about my blonde color hair. I had strangers complimented me in the lift, on the  street as I was waiting for the light to turn green, clients noticed the difference shades of my blonde and friends told me they loved my blonde coloured hair as it suits me 😀😀!

I have a good hair stylist who knows how to mix the color to fulfil my desired outcome and his charges aren’t expensive. My blonde color isn’t a simple plan 1 color blonde, but rather multiple shades of blonde from light to dark. There are at least 5-6 different shades of blonde the can be seen on my hair. Every 6 weeks I need to visit my hair stylist to touch up the black color root and also to change different shades of blonde. Sometimes I felt like having more platinum blonde and sometimes I felt like having ash blonde. In addition to the base color, I would also do highlight and lowlight to make my hair looks less boring. Haha.

And my short hair also suits me well so together with my blonde color hair, I stand out in a crowd. Hard to miss me as not many Asian women is suited for blonde coloured hair, especially like mine. So blondie I will be for a long time until I find another suitable color 😂!


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