Absolutely eerie….

It wasn’t the first time that Chris and I, we think alike and used the exact same words to express our thoughts. This evening for instance, we were flirting and chatting and he asked, hypothetically, if we are a couple, would we ever be like those aunty and uncle or grandma and grandpa that would make out on the back seats in the cinema or in the car and caught red handed by the moral police!

When I saw he used the moral police…..I was like wtf!! I mean, just 2 days ago I wrote a post with the title Moral Police! Although the contents of my post wasn’t the same as what Chris was referring too, but to use the exact same words were just plain eerie to me. Like I said, this wasn’t the 1st time it happened to us. I told Chris that I wrote a post with the exact words and he said he could read my mind. Hahaha!

He called it connection. He keeps saying that we are connected in ways that we don’t even have any explanations for it. Maybe it was just pure coincidence, but the frequency is increasing hence it is a bit hard for me to nail it to coincidence!

Anyway, I’m not going to speculate about our connection. Instead I will just enjoy it and shares some good laugh with him. I don’t overthink when I’m chatting with him. I’m strictly enjoying the moment and occasionally when I need to unwind, I will read back what he wrote and laughed at the contents. Because of my past experienced with Peter, not only have I learned to not trust words, but to lookout for consistent actions. I also learned not to dwell and think about the future, but rather just focus on the moment in front of me. I’m happy to say I managed to live in the moment and enjoy everything I have right now.

Chris is definitely in my life to teach me a lesson and it is still early to conclude what is the lesson I’m supposed to learn. All I can say is so far so good with Chris 😆! Only time will tell if he is truly a good lesson for me or not at all! Haha!

Till then, will just enjoy his presence in my life!!


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