Moral Police

Majority of the world population like to act as though that they are tasked to be a moral police for someone else behaviour and actions. A lot of people feel that it is their right to judge and condemn people who don’t conform to society norm or don’t behave like them. Who are we to judge another human being?? We are all flaws and imperfect. We do our best to live the life we feel and think is right for us. But what is right for us might not be right for other people. And is ok because we are not put on this earth to live a life for someone’s else!

We are borne into this world to live a life of our own, create our own story and carve our own journey. And as we move along in life, we collect scars because of the battles we have to fight to live the life we want. Is already a challenge to live our own life, so I really don’t understand why do people like to take on more unappreciated role such as becoming a moral police for someone else life?

Beside, before we judge other people, please make sure that we are ok to be judged back in return. If we are not ok, then we need to think twice before we open our mouth to comment on someone else actions and behaviours. Don’t be a moral police if you are not ready to accept being policed back in return.

Anyway, the best way to have a happy life is to let people live their life at their own terms and conditions and we live ours at our own terms and conditions. We are not borne into this world to waste our time to become moral police of other people actions and behaviours.

So live and stop worrying 😃!


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