Chris Drawn to Me

My favourite Captain told me last night he is drawn to me mentally and sexually. Deja Vu feeling for me because I heard the exact same statement 1.5 years ago from the person who  hurt me the most, Peter. Why oh why are men always drawn to me mentally and sexually??

But at least with Chris I know what he wants and what I’m getting into. Chris said to me he believes in our connection and energy and I do agree with him. I know I don’t make sense and I really don’t know how to explain, but there are a lot of similarities between us.  His fav food – Japanese (can eat daily sashimi) and Thai (especially street Phad Tai). For me also the same cuisine, but not as specific as him.

It is exactly 1 month since we started communicating and so far it is growing stronger each day. I told him I won’t ask him any prying questions so if he wants to offer me any details about himself I will be happy to know. I told him it doesn’t matter how much I know about him, what matter is I trust him. I need to learn to trust again because if I don’t I will overthink and pick every things he had said to me apart and analysing every words!! I won’t do this to myself hence I choose to trust him until I’m proven wrong to trust him. At this moment, he hasn’t given me a reason not to trust him. I don’t think he will be a mean person and I have a feeling I will be safe when I’m with him.

I feel like he is my mirror and he is reflecting my inner desires and wants. I keep reminding myself not to get too carry away with him, but somehow the pull between us is strong. With Chris, I’m living and enjoying the moment. I don’t think about the future and what if! I can say for sure that I’m going with the flow and see where it leads me too. I have a feeling he will teach me something new about myself and elevate me to the next level 😝😝! He is my twin 😈😈! Haha.

Anyway, it makes me feel good to know that he is drawn to me. He adds to my happiness quotient on almost daily basis. So no complaint about him yet! 😂

Ok, I have to end this post now as I have to spend sometime chatting with him. My night is always busy! Haha


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