Never Say Never

Everyone who knows me know that Asian men never appeal to me and I will never ever consider dating them, let alone Malaysian men. So when I told Nora that I actually kinda like Chris and he is a Malaysian, she was surprised!! (So am I too 😆). After my 1st ex who was a Malaysian Chinese, I never dated any Malaysian or Asian men anymore. I just feel that they aren’t able to accept me for who I’m and mentality wise I just feel Westerners are more in line with my ways of thinking. And sexual wise, Asian men are less giving compare to Westerners. Because of these 2 reasons, Asian men will never be my cup of tea and I’m dead set in my thinking until Chris showed up. Never in a million years I would have guessed that I would be attracted to a Malaysian man!!!

In the past my friends had told me that the things or people I dislike the most might ended up being the things or people I might love the most. I confidently answered them back then that it would never happened to me as I know clearly what I want from a man and the things I want in life. But now with the appearance of Chris it looks like I might have to eat my words! 😂😂

God/Universe has its way to prove us wrong. Chris is really not the typical Asian men therefor we can connect and click so well because I don’t think like a typical Asian women too. No offence to any Asian women. Nothing wrong with Asian women mentality or behaviour. Just that I don’t fit into the mould and I’m fine for not fitting in. This is who I am.

My take away lesson from my lovership with Chris is never say never because your never might be your yes 😛! I guess I need to keep an open mind and heart and don’t close the door so quickly because then I might have missed the chance of like minded people such as Chris. I’m glad I took a chance with Chris and so far I’m enjoying what we are experiencing. The mental connection is just great. So will see and just go with the flow.

Remember, NEVER SAY NEVER 😄! Because if you do you might miss out on a good thing. Just give it a chance, just like I did. A wake up call for me, but a good one for sure! Life really is full of surprises! Haha




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