Cancelled & Deleted

Finally, the last linked I had to Peter Wittendorp is gone forever. I cancelled the subscription to the email that brought him back into my life and caused so much headaches and  shitstorm to me no longer exist. The email address was wiped out without a trace. I guess it is a good thing as together with the deletion of the email address, whatever memories I still have of us will be deleted from my own memory bank too.

Anyway, it is really time to move on and not think back anymore. I had also deleted and blocked his handphone number from my phone. But I still do remember his number as it is still ingrained in my memory bank. Now I still remember, but 1 day I won’t be anymore. I still keep some of the SMSes and whatsapp messages, but I don’t read back anymore. I just leave it there. Maybe 1 day when I read back I will not feel anything anymore and treat it like rubbish to be deleted. At this moment, I just want to keep it.

Will I post it up here? I don’t know. I really don’t know yet. If 1 day I feel like doing so, I will. If not, then I won’t. Only time will reveal my decision.

Just glad that I cancelled the subscription and the email address was removed by the provider! Chapter closed!


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