” I give people outmost respect” – to hear this statement uttered by people who are cheating or cheated on their wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend is ironic and laughable! How can one give utmost respect to other people when he/she can’t even give the basic respect to his/her wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend???

Seriously, how can a cheater gives people the utmost respect or expect respect in return? I only give respect to people who show me the same level of respect or someone who is truly deserves of my respect. If a person treats me with disrespect, then he/she must be prepared to receive the same from me without whining and complaining that I’m being disrespectful to him/her.

I rarely lost respect for someone, but it happened. And it is really hard to give back the same level of respect to the person that I didn’t respect anymore. Once is gone, is gone. If a cheater tells you that he/she still respects you and everyone else, take it with a grain of salt and don’t believe it. It isn’t possible to give utmost respect to everyone because some people just don’t deserve it!!

A husband who cheated on his wife doesn’t respect her and their marriage. And a wife who  continues to stay with the cheater husband is disrespecting herself the most. So to hear this people telling me that they give utmost respect to people, the irony is just too obvious to ignore.

And one cannot give respects to other people when one doesn’t knows how to respect people they love! Anyway, just my opinions and I have nothing against anyone. I just find it ironic to hear someone telling me that he gives utmost respect to people when I know he is disrespecting his wife with his cheating behaviour.

One cannot expect respects from others when one doesn’t first respects himself or herself!

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