No Spark with Phil

I’m still chatting with Phil, but not daily anymore. I don’t feel the spark anymore. Initially, he was witty, funny and it seemed to me that we were kinda on the same wavelength. But now I find him a bit stale. Our chats weren’t mentally stimulating at all. It was just day to day mundane topics and sometimes I didn’t even felt like replying him. A few times he reached out to me and I replied when I was free or bored.

But I’m not discounting him off entirely yet. I will give myself a bit more time to find out. And even if he turns out isn’t my cup of tea is still ok because I’m not looking for a boyfriend now. I just want to meet more like minded people and expand my new friends circle.

Phil just doesn’t intrigue and stimulate me like Chris does. I get bored easily if I’m not being stimulated mentally. So for now…..I’m just going to keep it lukewarm.


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