Intoxicated by Chris πŸ˜

Chris working hours are so irregular that it makes it hard for us to chat and talk at the same time. Today he had to wake up at 5am to get to work. The life of a pilot not as glamorous as I thought. But it didn’t stop us from leaving messages for each other if we weren’t able to find the right timing to talk. 2 days ago, I was very busy hence I didn’t contact him at all. I also wanted to give myself some space from this lovership as I don’t want to become too attach to him. And he messaged me to tell me he missed my vibes πŸ˜€! Is his way of telling he missed me.

Yesterday I had more time so we managed to spend sometime chatting and later in the night he sent me long steamy messages to convey his desires for me. Haha.

Seriously, he can write!!!! Our mental level and wit are very similar and compatible! He said I’m yin to his yang 😝! And then he told me I’m his cup of tea. This was the 3rd time he said that to me! If only he doesn’t lives and works so far away, I believe we will have a blast enjoying each other company. But too bad. Life doesn’t always give us what we want! So for now I will enjoy what I can have πŸ˜‰!

He intoxicated my mind with his mental energy. He is the best by far. We inspired and stimulated each other mentally. I truly enjoy him. He adds to my happiness quotient 😁! And drama free. No emotional roller coaster rides!

He lulled me to sleep every night with his wants and desires for me and us! No matter what happen to us in the future, I will always remember him. Maybe 1 day I will post an excerpt what he wrote to me! But for now I want to keep it to myself and savour him! Haha!

Oh oh I forgot to mention his voice is soothing, husky and alluring!! I love it! The sound of his laugh was like music to my ears πŸ‘»πŸ˜!!

I told him he can makes a lot of women fall for him, but I won’t be one of them! Have yet to get his reply. Wonder what is he going to say 😁!

Don’t know why we crossed path and what’s his role in my life yet. Is he really the yang to my yin as he said??


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