Inspired & Stimulated by Chris

It was almost 14 months since I last wrote about a fantasy and this morning was the 1st time I was inspired and stimulated to write again. And I have to thank Chris for it. He challenged and stimulated me to feel the passion in me alive again. I can feel my creativity and imagination returning to my mind for the 1st time this morning. I was so happy and ecstatic that I have finally regained back part of an old self of me that I thought was lost forever after the brouhaha with Peter Wittendorp. But when Chris crossed my path, I was being stirred and reminded of the part of me that I had dimmed it for 14 months.

I don’t know how long Chris will be in my path nor do I want to think and wonder as my life journey isn’t tie to a particular person. Our life journey is just like driving a bus….there will be different people who board and got off the bus at different stops and only a few will ride with us to the last stop. We can’t force people to stay on the bus and ask them to miss their destination because then they will be pissed off and angry at us for preventing them to go on with their life. Same as people who come and go in our life. When their time is up in our life, we need to let them go. I know is hard because it was hard for me to let go of Peter Wittendorp, but time did helped to heal me. I can’t say I’m 100% healed yet, but is getting there.

Maybe that’s why the universe sent Phil & Chris into my life. Haha. To show and remind me of all the options that are still available out there and not holding on to someone who doesn’t wants to stay. And I’m happy to have Phil and Chris appeared in my life journey irregardless of the length of their stay. I learned how to appreciate and enjoy the moment rather than worry about the future especially when I can’t predict the future.

As of now, I enjoy Chris’s company a lot, but because of our distance I think at most we will just be friends who are comfortable to tease and flirt with each other. He is probably a good chat companion. Haha. Doesn’t matter what role he is playing or continue to play in my life now or in the future. What matters now is I’m enjoying myself chatting and messaging him and he managed to stimulate and inspire me to write on a topic that I haven’t wrote for almost 14 months 😆! That’s all that matter to me at this moment!!

Thank you Chris 😘!






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