Malay Language

1 of my high school friend she is an accountant and she helps me to manage my accounts for tax filing purpose. She drafted an email replied to the authority in Malay and she was good. Definitely so much better than me as I can’t even compose or speak a complete sentence in Malay. I can get by with the basic and that’s about it.

Whenever I was in Bali and the locals try to speak to me in Bahasa Indonesia, I was only able to understand maybe 50% or less depending on the words they used as well as how strong were their accent. If it is too strong, I couldn’t make out the words hence I wouldn’t be able to comprehend what they were saying to me. And this was the time I had to mix English and my very limited Malay to communicate with them. Haha.

But it wasn’t too bad because most of the locals understand some basic English and some were fairly good too. Do I plan to improve my Malay? No, I don’t have any such plan. English is still the internationally spoken and written language. So I will survive and get by 😀! If I need help to draft a letter in Malay, I can always ask someone to help me or pay someone to do it.  No big deal 😉!

For those who wants to learn Malay, it isn’t hard. Pronounce as the word is spelled. For example, masak (ma-sak) means cooking and cepat (ce-pat) means quick. See it isn’t hard, but I’m just suck at forming a proper sentence. Hahaha.

Is always good to know some basic, but it isn’t necessary to know a lot. Enjoy learning a few simple words.



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