Designers clothing

I’m not a fan of designers clothing simply because I think it is a waste of money to pay a few thousand of ringgits to own a piece of clothing. I don’t mind owning a few pieces for special occasion, but definitely not for my daily wear. I have many pieces of Herve Leger bandage dress, but I only wear it once or twice and some I haven’t even wear it before. It just hang inside my closets and taking up precious spaces for my new clothes. Haha. I have Karen Millen as my work clothes, but I don’t really like the cutting hence I have stopped wearing it.

Frankly, I’m not designers crazy when it comes to clothing. I’m ok to wear Zara as the designs are nice and I can change my wardrobe more often since it is less expensive to give away the old clothes 😀! I also don’t think wearing expensive clothes will makes me more classy or appealing or enhance my image. Wearing expensive clothes only convey the message that I have money to splurge and I’m successful. It doesn’t bring in more business or turns me into a Cinderella. Haha.

My favourite brand of all time is Bebe. It isn’t expensive, but it is my style. I own a lot of dresses from this brand and a lot of it is still in the plastic bag as I bought faster than I get a chance to wear it 😂😂! And I couldn’t unpack and hang because my built-in closets are filled to the brim. No more hanging space at all. Even the closet in my guest bedroom is being used by my brother hence I don’t get to use it. I have 3 built-in closets in my own master bedroom and yet still insufficient 🙈😂!

My philosophy is simple when it comes to clothes… is me who wear the clothes and not the other way around. Meaning, as long as I’m confident in myself I can wear any clothes even if it isn’t a designer brand and I will still look good and classy 😉! Since I’m bless with  a fairly nice body figure and a good height, I also look sexy without trying to hard. I’m not worry that I can’t find any clothes that can fit me. I just have to worry if I have a chance to wear the clothes I bought or not 😂😛!

Oh well, I’m cutting down on my shopping as I have too many new clothes that I haven’t have a chance to wear. Shopping isn’t a hard job for me. Wearing it is a hard job. Haha. Also, I want to practice not wasting money just for the sake of buying because every year I gave away a lot of clothes which I don’t mind. But then I feel I shouldn’t be wasteful too. As I get older, shopping doesn’t excites me as much as when I was younger hence I’m buying less nowadays. Which is a good thing for me.

Remember don’t overbuy!


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