Updates about Phil

Been chatting with Phil daily and so far it had been nice. I asked him a lot of questions and he answered all of it. He is funny and witty too. Chatting with him feels comfortable and easy. He is currently working in a law firm in HK as an accountant. He just joined this company 11 months ago. His 2 children live with him on alternate week.

He sent me a fairly recent photo of himself and he looks cute. He is cheeky too, but not a pervert. I told him I would love it if a man leaves little notes for me to find and he asked me what would I want my notes to say. I answered him if I have to tell my man what to write on the notes, then I need to strike him out! Hahahaha.

We flirted and teased each other and it is enjoyable. He loves dark chocolate. He doesn’t workout, but he walk, run, sail and swim a lot. He said he used to have beer belly. but not anymore. Shall see for myself if we do get to meet up in HK end of October/early November.

He loves reading and he reads everything. One of the author of the book he is reading now, John Sanford, I own a few books from the same author.

Oh oh, I asked him to use 3 words to describe his perceptions of me. And guess what were the 3 words – lively, funny and direct 😂😂! My 3 words for him are  decent, cheeky and open. I wanted to use the word honest, but I don’t know him well enough to say he is honest. I don’t want to make the same mistake in thinking a person is honest without experiencing it consistently. So I shall observe for now if Phil is really honest and not just a feeling I get.

Too bad he doesn’t lives in KL. Otherwise we will have met up by now. Oh well, not going to overthink. Just enjoying our chatting at this moment 😀!

p.s. Yes, I know his last name.




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