Phil – New guy

In the past 2 days I had been actively chatting with new people and it was fun I had to admit. There is a particular guy that I enjoyed chatting with. He is funny with a wicked sense of humour, just like me 😂! I haven’t meet him yet as he lives and works in HK, but I have a feeling I will meet him in my next trip to HK. I’m not expecting anything out of it except being maybe a new long lasting friendship.

He is a divorcee with 2 young kids. Age 6 and 9. Joint custody. He been divorced for 2 years now and single for almost 1 year. Ex-wife is a Fillipino whom he met thru work. He filed for divorce. So far, he came across as open and honest because he answered all the personal questions I asked him. And I asked a lot, as usual. Haha. His name is Phil, a New Zealander. He has been living in HK for 10 years now. He works in accounting, but I didn’t ask him which company. I think I will ask him in our next chat.

He is 40 years old this year, about my height and kinda cute from his photo. Have to see for myself. But then again, I don’t really mind about his looks since friendship is what I have in mind. I find that we share a few common thinking and chatting with him is easy. Kinda cool guy and I really enjoy his sense of humour. Hahahaha.

Anyway, not much to share for now. Just an intro to Phil. Will update when I have more things to share.




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